How to Fix Gotrax Scooter Error code E3?

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I understand how frustrating it can be when your Gotrax electric scooter shows that mysterious E3 error. But worry not! We’re here to shed some light on this issue and get you back to enjoying smooth rides in no time.

This error code indicates an issue and malfunction in the scooter’s internal system. It generally involves problems with handlebars, brakes, accelerators, controllers, or consoles. So, we will dive deep into these problems to fix them.

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What is Error Code E3 on a Gotrax scooter?

The e-scooter has software and detection systems capable of detecting issues automatically. Similarly, the Gotrax scooter also displays error codes, so you can fix them using the user manual or seeking knowledge online. 

The E3 code on the Gotrax scooter generally indicates a fault of the handlebar, controller, brake, or throttle systems.

Note: Different models have different causes & solutions for E3 error code, so be sure to check all the instructions in the guide.

5 Common Causes for E3 Error Code

The E3 error on your Gotrax scooter can happen for a few reasons. It’s like a little hiccup that tells us something’s not quite right. Here’s what you should know:

1. Brake Lever Issues (Most Likely)

The faulty brake lever is most likely the cause of the E3 error code on your gotrax scooter. If the cables and connections are wonky, the scooter senses it and shows the E3 error for safety. Or the brake sensors are acting weirdly.

2. Handlebar Issues

The handlebar might be damaged or have internal problems with the brake and accelerator stuff. Also, check if it’s appropriately connected to the scooter, like the battery and motor.

3. Throttle Confusion

Just like the brake, the throttle can play tricks too. You might see this error if it’s not connecting well with the controller or motor. Sometimes, it gets stuck or doesn’t send signals right.

|Read our detailed blog post on fixing Gotrax scooter throttle issues.

4. Controller Trouble (Less Likely)

The controller is essential for your scooter’s power. If it’s acting up, the motor might not work right, and that’s when the E3 error shows up. Keep an eye out for electrical problems or overheating.

5. Connection Problems

Lastly, remember the basics. Check the connections to the battery and motor. Sometimes, they act up and cause an E3 error.

Troubleshooting Steps for Gotrax E3 Error Code 

Following are the troubleshooting tips and instructions for the common causes.

1. Brake Lever Issues (Most Likely):

For the e3 error code on the Gotrax scooter, it is most likely the brake issue.

Cable and Connection Inspection: Thoroughly inspect the brake lever’s cables and connections. Ensure they are properly connected and not frayed or damaged.

Sensor Functionality: Test the brake lever’s sensors to see if they respond correctly when activated. Malfunctioning sensors may need replacement.

2. Handlebar Issues:

Inspecting handlebar of gotrax scooter

Check for Physical Damage: Inspect the handlebar for any visible cracks, bends, or breakages. If damaged, consider replacing it with a compatible one.

Verify Internal Systems: Ensure the brake and accelerator components within the handlebar function correctly. Faulty parts may need replacement or repair.

Secure Connections: Double-check all connections between the handlebar and the scooter’s controller, battery, and motor. Loose connections can cause issues, so make sure everything is snug and secure.

3. Throttle Confusion:

Check Controller Connections: Verify that the throttle is securely connected to the scooter’s controller. Loose connections can cause communication issues.

Throttle’s Sensor Inspection: Check for the functionality of the throttle sensor if your scooter has this. The sensor generates an error if it does not sense the movement of the throttle properly.

Observe Throttle Functionality: Ensure the throttle moves smoothly and returns to its default position without sticking. Clean any debris or dirt that may obstruct its movement.

4. Controller Trouble (Less Likely):

Electrical Check: Examine the controller for any electrical faults or damage signs. Look for burnt-out components or visible issues. If you suspect a faulty controller, consider getting a replacement.

Current Check: Check if the controller gets enough voltage and current required. Check if the current goes thoroughly into the controller.

[ To learn how to measure voltage accurately, watch this informative video: how to measure voltage with multimeter]

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Prevent Overheating: Ensure the controller is adequately ventilated when in use to prevent overheating, which can cause malfunctions and problems. Avoid using the scooter excessively in hot weather.

5. Connection or Console Glitches:

Verify Battery and Motor Connections: Inspect all connections to the battery and motor, ensuring they are tightly connected and free from corrosion or damage.

Console Software Update: If you suspect a console glitch, check the manufacturer’s website for available software updates. Upgrading the console’s software may resolve the issue.

Resetting the Scooter

When done troubleshooting but there is still no response from the scooter, and the issue persists, try resetting the gotrax scooter.

A scooter reset can be helpful. A reset is like a fresh start for your scooter, and it can often clear minor software hiccups that might be causing the error.

For resetting, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Resetting using the reset button or power button. It involves pressing and holding the button for a few seconds, and the system reset will be performed automatically.

  2. The second way to do this is by simply disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it after 5-10 minutes to give the scooter a fresh restart.
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Seeking Professional Help

If the issue persists, we recommend you seek professional help. Contact a technician, mechanic, or manufacturer for further assistance. If you are inexperienced, it would be a safer and more reliable option for solving the problem than doing it yourself. 

Try finding details in the user manual. Seek help from the company and manufacturer online by visiting their website and customer support page.

Preventive Measures for Future

  • Avoid rough handling and impacts that could damage the components.

  • Regularly inspect the electrical connections to the controller.

  • Regularly inspect the brake cables and connections for any wear or looseness.

  • Always clean any debris around your throttle and brake lever.

  • Reset the scooter after some months regularly.

  • Regularly inspect the throttle’s responsiveness.

  • Keep the console and its software system up-to-date and well-maintained.

  • Avoid overheating scooter components.

  • Avoid charging in sudden and irregular voltages.
Troubleshooting E3 Error on Gotrax G2 Scooter


In conclusion, fixing the e3 gotrax scooter error code is pretty easy. We gave instructions on the causes and troubleshooting issues, and prevention tips so you can keep your scooter in good shape and health.

We hope you now have some knowledge about this error. Please be aware of us using comments if the suggestions were helpful. Happy Scooting!


  • What is an E3 error?

    The E3 error varies depending on the scooter’s model. Generally, it indicates issues in internal systems and cable linkages inside the scooter, such as loose motor connections, throttle failure, controller issues, battery connections, etc. For gotrax scooters, we have a complete guide above.

  • What does E2 mean on Gotrax scooter?

    The E2 error code on the gotrax scooter likely means the handlebar failures. Check for loose connection of the handlebar with the scooter’s frame and also through wires and cables. Make sure all the connections are secure and snug. Inspect faulty components on the handlebars. Try replacing the handlebar or any of its components.

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