The Ultimate Segway Ninebot P100s Review

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Are you in the market for the Segway Ninebot P100s Kickscooter but have yet to find a comprehensive breakdown of its performance, features, build, ride quality, convenience, and limitations? Look no further!

This guide provides an authentic and unbiased review of the P100S Kickstarter. This advanced and feature-packed e-scooter boasts a clean and durable design, making it well-suited for both urban commuters seeking comfort and convenience and fast-paced riders looking for a thrilling experience.

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A. Segway P100s Review: Key Specifications

Motor Power1350W
Max Speed30 MPH
Max Range62 Miles
Max Supported Weight265 lbs (120 Kg)
Tires10.5 Inches (Self-Sealing Tubeless)
BrakesDisc & Electronic
Charging Time~7 hours


B. Segway P100s Review: Pros & Cons


  • Quick accleration
  • Long-range (62 miles)
  • Self-healing tires
  • Cruise control
  • Quick Charging
  • High water resistant
  • Regenerative Braking


  • Bit heavier due to build quality
  • Kick to Start

C. Build Quality and Design

1. Handlebars

The scooter has wide handlebars, equipped with bright LED screen, controls, USB charging port, turn signals, brake lever and LED light. It has two buttons , one for the cruise control and lights, and another for turn signals.

2. Dimensions

Having clocked in miles on various electric scooters, the unfolded dimensions of this particular model, measuring 46.6 inches in length, 25 inches in width, and towering at 50.7 inches, immediately caught my attention. As a seasoned rider, I couldn’t help but appreciate the thoughtful design.

The 46.6-inch length strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and portability. It’s clear that this scooter has been engineered with the rider’s needs in mind. But what truly sets it apart is the 25-inch wide handlebars. As someone who values the ability to navigate with precision, these wider handlebars provide an unparalleled level of control and handling. The height of 50.7 inches is appreciated by tall riders.

This enhanced control, combined with the larger wheels, transforms the riding experience into something that’s truly exceptional.

3. Foot deck

The Segway Ninebot P100S boasts a comfortable foot deck measuring 19″ x 9″. The deck provides ample space for the riders. This scooter has got more foot space than its competitors. Its frictional surface ensures a secure grip, even during rough riding conditions.

Foot Decker

4. Tires

The scooter features 10.5-inch tubeless tires with self-healing capabilities, ensuring excellent quality. The wheels size is bigger than the Apollo City Pro, Emove Cruiser, Ninebot Max G2, and the P65, all of them have 10-inches tires. The auto-grade tire of this P-series scooter provides better road grip and traction, especially on slippery surfaces.

Tubeless tires reduce the risk of pinch flats or punctures caused by the tube getting pinched between the tire and rim. Moreover, their lighter weight contributes to improved overall performance and efficiency.


The self-healing system activates when the tires get punctured by small holes. Special materials utilized in tire construction react to the situation and seal small holes, enhancing overall safety and reliability.

5. Clean Look and Attention to Details

The Segway P100S scooter flaunts a sleek and edgy design, exuding a perfect and ideal look. I observed that the cables are cleverly concealed, leaving no exposed wires in the scooter, except some cables at the folding mechanism at the base of tiller.

6. Durability

The scooter boasts a build quality that surpasses any in its price range. Its durability is a standout feature. This resilience is owed to a combination of factors, including substantial shock absorption facilitated by large tires, a well-engineered dual suspension system, and the use of premium materials and batteries in its construction.

These elements collectively contribute to a remarkable promise – an average lifespan of 3-5 years. After observing this scooter through its paces, I can affirm that it’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it a dependable companion for the long haul.

7. Max Payload

The scooter supports max weight of 265 lbs. It is able to climb hills and off-road with this weight applied on it. The scooter is suitable for tall people and heavy people alike. The powerful motor and long battery life ensures the maximum functionality of the scooter at max weight.

D. Performance

1. Battery and Range

The Segway Ninebot P100s is one of the best scooters from the company when it comes to battery capacity, range and charging time. It surpasses even the Ninebot GT1 and GT2, in terms of battery and charging. The battery is placed in the foot deck.

The scooter houses a 23 amp-hour capacity, 1086 Watt-hour energy battery cleverly concealed within the frame. Considering its charging capacity and range, it takes approximately 7 hours to charge the battery fully. The scooter’s Battery Management System safeguards against dangerous cases like overcharging, overheating, and undesired currents.

The scooter’s charging rate is impressive. The Emove cruiser, having nearly the same price and range as this scooter, takes almost 10-12 hours to charge fully. When it comes to charging time, range and battery-life, this scooter is a beast.

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With an impressive 61-mile range, this scooter is highly appreciated, as only top-tier scooters can achieve this before draining out. Whether it’s daily commuting or adventurous trips, the long-lasting battery empowers users to explore further without concerns about running out of power.

2. Top Speed

The powerful 1350W motor allows the scooter to reach up to 30 mph, providing a thrilling ride. It takes only a few seconds to reach this speed. The scooter offers 3 speed modes, discussed later in the guide. The scooter gives a peaceful and comfortable ride, while maintaining consistent top-speed.

3. Acceleration

With its powerful 1350W motor, the scooter exhibits quick acceleration, setting it apart from other scooters. The motor’s torque and horsepower allow the scooter to pick up pace swiftly.

The scooter reached from 0 to 15 mph in just 3 seconds (in sports mode), making it incredibly fast.

4. Braking

The scooter is equipped with dual disc brakes on both tires, providing effective braking power. Additionally, the rear tire benefits from electronic braking, aiding in reducing speed. High-quality and thick brake pads ensure reliable performance. This braking system is good but if not applied correctly or rushed, we see slip in tires and they lose track, especially on wet surfaces.

The brakes are activated by a single brake lever, conveniently located at the left side of handlebars.

While the scooters like the Apollo City Pro uses drum brake, this scooter gives a more reliable experience using disc brakes.

The regenerative braking system is particularly commendable. This innovative technology harnesses the scooter’s kinetic energy during braking, converting it into electrical energy. This feature enhances braking efficiency and recharges the battery, extending travel distances without quickly depleting the initial battery charge.

5. Drive Modes

The scooter offers three drive modes: Eco, Drive, and Sport.

  • Eco mode: Reaches around 11 mph
  • Drive mode: Reaches around 25 mph
  • Sport mode: Can reach speeds between 25 to 30 mph

These drive modes allow travelers to adjust the desired max speed, whether to cruise calmly or travel fast. They also conserve battery power, making the scooter energy-efficient.

6. Hill Climbing

With a max slope of 22% and excellent torque, the scooter is quite good at climbing hills. The bigger tubeless tires, are able to climb hills with ease. Both the Emove cruiser S, Apollo City Pro 2022 use 1000W motor, but they are lightweight. To compensate, the scooter uses additional 350W power and provides 2% more climb slope than these scooter. The P65 and Max G2 are far less capable of hill climbing compared to the P100S.

E. Features

1. LED Screen

The cockpit features a clear LED screen that displays essential information such as speed, battery life, and riding modes.

LED Display

2. Water Resistance

With IPX5 and IPX7 ratings for body and battery, respectively, the P100S boasts a water-resistant design that ensures no water or moisture penetrates the scooter, safeguarding against potential problems and hazards. Riding along wet roads or through raindrops is worry-free. However, during heavy rain and downpours, it’s advisable to avoid riding to prevent submersion in water, which can be critical.

3. LED and Atmosphere Lights

The scooter comes equipped with a 10W anti-glare LED light that enhances visibility during nighttime rides. This high-intensity light illuminates the rider’s path, ensuring clear visibility even in areas with poor street lighting. It also alerts pedestrians and oncoming vehicles of the rider’s presence without causing any blinding effect.

Night light

The atmosphere lights on the scooter add flair and style, enhancing its visual appeal. The atmosphere lights are located on the sides of the front and back of the foot deck. These lights are customizable and can be adjusted through the scooter’s settings or the app.

4. Brake Lights

Bright brake lights illuminate when turning or braking, especially during nighttime rides. These lights effectively communicate the rider’s next move to other vehicles, ensuring safe navigation through traffic.

5. Turn Signals

The scooter has bright front and rear turn signals. The front ones are under the handlebars and the rear ones are on the sides of the fender.

6. Charging Port Placement

The P100S kickscooter has a charger/charging port located inside the frame, on the front side of deck, saving space and enhancing travel convenience.

7. Cruise Control

The scooter features a cruise control option that can be activated via the app and the multi-function button. This mode offers consistent speed, fuel efficiency, and comfort during rides, enhancing the overall riding experience.

8. Anti-Theft Alarm and Unlocking

The anti-theft alarm system adds an extra layer of security, while NFC technology allows convenient unlocking of the scooter. To unlock, you use the NFC card near the NFC logo on the cockpit screen, and the scooter’s software recognizes it, unlocking the scooter for use. Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone and the Segway app for unlocking.

9. USB Charging

The scooter has a USB charging port to power other devices while riding, such as mobile phones. This thoughtful addition keeps gadgets powered up during the journey, whether used for GPS navigation, phone calls, or other purposes.

10. Accessory Holder

While the scooter doesn’t come with accessory holders, there is still space on the handlebar to add at least 2 accessory holders. Custom holders can be attached, or ones from the Segway company can be purchased.

F. Ride Quality & Comfort

1. Folding & Portability

In contrast to the Ninebot GT1 and GT2 models, this scooter boasts a user-friendly one-step folding mechanism. The process involves unlocking the folding lever/lock and securing the handlebars at the fender, which then locks securely inside the fender lock.

Now, let’s address the dimensions. It’s worth noting that this scooter occupies a slightly larger storage footprint, a trade-off deliberately made to enhance its handling and overall performance significantly.

Weighing in at 72 lbs, the Ninebot Kickscooter carries this weight due to its substantial battery and the utilization of top-tier components. However, despite its weight, the ingenious folding mechanism ensures that it remains portable and ideal for easy commuting.


2. Suspension and Shock Absorption

P100s comes with dual wishbone suspension that provides stability and comfort, ensuring a smooth ride even on bumpy and rough terrains. The spring suspension offers 1.5 inches of travel, making it suitable for both roads and light-mid off-road rides.

The suspensions are not adjustable and are primarly favored for heavy people.

The bigger tires contribute to better shock absorption overall. The scooter has better shock absorption and ride comfort compared to the Emove Cruiser and Ninebot P65. However, the Apollo City Pro has triple suspension in the same price and hence provides better suspension.

3. Handling & Control

The scooter’s handling and control are easy and optimal, even for newbies. Despite its slightly heavy weight due to the build quality, the exemplary suspension system, high-quality and lightweight tires, easy-to-grip and wide handlebars, big tires, and low center of gravity contribute to optimal control.

The scooter is easy to handle and control compared to the Emove Cruiser and Ninebot Max G2.


4. Off-Roading

The scooter is good for off-roading. It has beefy tires, good suspension and stable design. However, the off-roading would be better if the suspension was adjustable. The tires have good traction.

5. Segway App

The Segway App is a feature-rich and convenient mobile app that allows customization of scooter controls, including light effects, cruise control, speed modes, and energy recovery options.

The app also enables setting the charging limit to ensure healthy charging. Additionally, it can adjust the anti-theft alarm sensitivity levels and detections.

6. User Manual

The scooter comes with user manuals, providing understanding and knowledge of different components, their assembly, and various tips and tricks, including troubleshooting. The user manual contains all-in-one instructions for the scooter.

G. Segway P100s Review: Value for Price

The Segway P100s is indeed an impressive scooter. It haven’t left anything for its price. This scooter is one of the most carefully build and reasonably sold scooter from the Segway Ninebot company.

However this scooter is slightly expensive than the Apollo City Gost Pro, Emove Cruiser S, Segway Max G2, and Segway P65, it clearly outperforms these in terms of perfomance, handling, and build.

I think anyone who wants a well rounded scooter should purchase the P100s.


Comparison with Similar Products (P100s vs P65 vs GT1 vs GT2)

Motor Power1350W980W1400-3000W3000W-6000W
Max Speed30 MPH25 MPH37 MPH43.5 MPH
Max Range62 miles40 miles43 miles59 miles
Net Weight72 lbs62 lbs105 lbs116 lbs
Supported Weight265 lbs 265 lbs331 lbs331 lbs
TiresSelf-Sealing 10.5″Self-Sealing 10.5″Anti-Puncture 11″Anti-Puncture 11″
BrakesDisc & ElectronicDisc & ElectronicHydraulic Disc Hydraulic Disc
Charging Time7 hours4 hours4 hours16hours (Dual 8 hours)
SuspensionDual Spring SuspensionDual Spring SuspensionDual Damper SuspensionDual Damper Suspension


In conclusion, the Segway Ninebot P100S Kickscooter impresses with its powerful motor, clean design, and water-resistant features. It offers a comfortable and thrilling ride with its dual suspension, efficient braking system, and three drive modes. Little bit heavier but its long-range battery, LED screen, and additional features like cruise control and USB charging make it a top-tier scooter worth the investment, catering to urban commuters and adventure seekers alike.

We hope you found this review helpful and now understand this scooter comprehensively. Leave a comment to share your personal experiences. Happy scooting!

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  • How fast is the Ninebot P100S?

    The P100s scooter has quick acceleration and fast speed powered by 650W motor. The scooter reaches 0-15mph in just 2.9 seconds, and its top speed is 30mph/48kph in sports mode. This scooter has 3 speed modes.

  • Is a Ninebot KickScooter water proof?

    The Ninebot scooters are products of Segway company and have high water resistance. They can withstand water splashes and light rain depending on the model. The scooter have IP ratings for waterproofing which you can know in product specifications.

  • Is the Segway P100S worth it?

    The scooter is definitely worth it due to its top speed, quick acceleration, edgy design and build, and unique features. It is best ride for long-range riders and active travelers. Its suspension system and self-healing tires are source of convenience during rides. Read our review above for details.

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