Hurley Hang 5 Electric Scooter Review

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Are you searching for a new electric scooter in the market? Look no further than the Hurley Hang 5. This stand-up scooter is a fun and efficient way of transportation to get around town in a stealthy way. With its glossy design and powerful motor, the Hang 5 is a top choice for anyone who wants to ride in style.

But wait to take our word. In this Hurely Hang 5 electric scooter review, we’ll break down all the features and benefits of the Hurley Hang 5, from its performance to its safety features and ease of use. So buckle up because this electric scooter will surely take you on a trip like no other.

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A. Background Information of Hurley Hang 5

The Hurley Hang 5 Electric Scooter is the latest addition to the Hurley line of electric mobility products. It is developed by a team of engineers and designers for next-level urban transportation. The Hang 5 aims to redefine the concept of electric scooters. Hang Five is designed for various riders, including city commuters seeking a reliable mode of transportation and thrill-seekers searching for an adrenaline rush.

B. Hurley Hang 5 Review: Key Features & Specifications

BATTERYPowered with 36V-6Ah (30 cells, 2000 mA) 18650 Lithium Battery with included 42V-1.5A Charger 
BRAKE TYPEElectronic and Disc Brake
PORTABILITYFoldable and Lightweight

Hurley Hang 5 Electric Scooter Review: Is It Worth It?

Below is a detailed and unbiased Hurley Hang 5 electric scooter review in which we have discussed its potential information and small details so you can get the most out of this review.

C. Performance of Hurley Hang 5

1. Motor

Hurley Hang 5 has an electric motor that ensures eco-friendliness and a noiseless ride. Its 500Watts motor pushes the scooter’s speed up to 15MPH, making it a good choice for swift travelling. Its super-lightweight is a point to consider.

However 500 watts motor power is advertised, after extensive research, I discovered that either the motor is 400W or it does not go beyond 400W. It would also make sense as a 500W motor is capable of higher top speeds.

2. Top Speed

The Hurley Hang 5 has a top speed of 15MPH, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a thrilling and efficient mode of urban transportation. You can cruise in a stealthy and eco-friendly way in your town with excitement. 

Moreover, the scooter has two-speed modes, 9MPH and 15MPH. A button on the handlebar switches these.

|Want to understand electric scooter speed limits? Read rules and regulations for scooter speed.

3. Handling

This scooter is designed for easy handling and flexibility. As it is lightweight, you can handle it easily. The Hang 5 features a unique handlebar design for maintaining balance and allowing quick turns. The 17 inches wide handlebars are enough for a rider. The wheelbase is also optimal for performance.

4. Braking

The scooter has powerful e-braking and disc-braking systems. Its quick brakes minimize the risk of a collision no matter what speed you are riding and ensure the rider’s safety in different conditions.

The brakes are activated by pressing the brake lever which is located conveniently at the left side of handlebars.

Hurley Hang 5 brakes

D. Features of Hurley Hang 5 

1. Portability

Worried about Portability? The Hurley Hang 5 is super portable with its folding mechanism, which makes it small and allows you to carry it, as it’s very lightweight. The scooter has a safety latch which can be unlocked, and the lever is folded down. 

With the dimensions 44.00 x 17.00 x 43.50 Inches, the scooter is compact and can be easily stored. 

You won’t have any commuting or storage issues, and it can be carried and stored quite easily. A fun fact about this scooter is that you can easily carry it along with you on your trip on aeroplanes, trains, buses, etc.

2. Tires

Hurley Hang 5 tires

The Hurley Hang 5 features tires with a diameter of 8.5 inches. These tires are wider than its rival scooters, and provide excellent grip, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride for the user.

3. Charging Port

This electric scooter has a charging port at the left side of its deck, which can conveniently charge your e-scooter while travelling.

4. Display Screen

The display screen on the vehicles is a convenient tool for checking various metrics such as speed and battery level. However, it has been observed during the Hurley Hang 5 Electric Scooter review that the display becomes difficult to see in direct, glaring sunlight.

Hurley hang 5 display

5. LED Light

The LED light of the Hurley Hang 5 scooter is a highly efficient and durable lighting system. It provides bright and vibrant illumination, ensuring good visibility during night rides. 

The LED technology in this light offers a longer life-span than other scooters in this range, making it durable and a cost-effective choice for scooter fans. 

The LED Light is turned on and off by double-pressing the button beside the display screen on the handlebar.

Hurley Hang 5 LED Light

6. Accessory Holder

If you have some accessories, but there isn’t space in your pocket, don’t worry! This scooter comes with a small and nice accessory holder. This feature offers practical use for those who need to transport their belongings and other small items along with them.

E. Safety Features of Hurley Hang 5

1. Bell

It has a bell on its handlebar for alerting pedestrians and other road users of your presence, reducing the risks of accidents. It allows you to signal others of your approach no matter your travelling speed.

2. Reflectors

The Hang 5 scooter has a reflector at its rear, which can be used for safety or alert for other vehicles both in daytime and nighttime.

3. Stability and Balance

The Hang 5 has a stable and balanced design to maintain control and balance while riding on different terrains, as it has a low centre of gravity, lightweight design, and convenient handlebar design. The wide wheels and wide handlebars ensures stability.

F. Comfort and Convenience

1. Portability

portability of Hurley Hang 5

The Hang 5, as discussed above, is quite portable and can be carried easily. You won’t experience any storage or displacing issues with this scooter.

2. Wide Foot Deck

The Hurley Hang 5 stand-up scooter features a wide ply wood foot deck with high grip top, and provides ample space for riders to comfortably position their feet. This enhances stability and control, allowing riders to confidently navigate various terrains with ease.

3. Suspension System

The suspension system of Hurley Hang 5, consisting of front wheel suspension, is very fine with shock absorption and goes through small pits and bumps without losing control of both your body and scooter. Through the shock absorption system, it is convenient to navigate and travel through different terrains and landscapes.

4. Simple Controls

The e-scooter has user-friendly controls for flashlights, acceleration, braking, and other options. The features are much simple that a small kid can understand them well.

Video review of Hurley Hang 5

5. Customer Support

Based on user experiences, it has been noted that the customer support of the Hurley Hang 5 could be better than expected from other scooter companies. The product arrives fine after a secure payment, but there isn’t much support for customers from the company in case of any issues afterwards. 

However, the product comes 85% assembled for quick and easy setup with all included tools.

G. Hurley Hang 5 Review : Pros & Cons


  • Powerful 500 Watt motor
  • Portability and foldable for perfect commuting and easy storage
  • Ride safety and e-brakes
  • Good Suspension System
  • User-Friendly and simple controls
  • Built-in accessory holder


  • Low Display Screen visibility in direct sunlight
  • Low-quality post-purchase customer assistance and support


We hope you know well about this stand-up scooter after reading our Hurley Hang 5 Electric Scooter review. 

Hurley Hang 5 has a great range thanks to its powerful motor and lithium-ion battery pack, which means you can easily travel up to 15 miles on one charge. The Hang 5 is also very comfortable to ride with its ergonomic handlebars and disc brakes. It is portable and has reliable safety features, and is quite mobile. 

The only downside you may face is the visibility of display or customer support. 

In the end, The Hurley Hang 5 electric scooter is a perfect and affordable choice for those who want to get on the road without worrying about battery, performance issues, and road roughness.

Similar Products

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  • What sets the Hurley Hang 5 Electric Scooter apart from other electric scooters in its class?

    The Hurley Hang 5 stands out with its powerful 500W motor, excellent portability, and impressive range. Its unique design and safety features make it a compelling choice.

  • Is the Hurley Hang 5 suitable for long commutes, and how far can it travel on a single charge?

    The Hurley Hang 5 offers a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for short to medium commutes. However, its range may vary depending on factors like rider weight and terrain.

  • How does the Hurley Hang 5 handle different terrains, including uneven roads or rough surfaces?

    The scooter features a good suspension system and wide tires, allowing it to handle various terrains with ease. Its stable design and lightweight frame contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride.

  • What should I consider when buying the Hurley Hang 5, and are there any notable drawbacks?

    When considering the Hurley Hang 5, pay attention to the visibility of the display screen in direct sunlight. Additionally, be aware that customer support may not meet some users’ expectations. It’s important to weigh the pros, like its powerful motor and portability, against these cons.

Hurley Hang 5 Electric Scooter Review

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