8 Alternative Ways to Charge Your Gotrax Scooter without Charger

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Your Gotrax scooter has run out of battery, but you don’t have your charger with you? Don’t worry! This guide will explain how you can charge your gotrax scooter without a charger accurately using different methods. 

Charging a scooter normally with the charger can be challenging at times, but there are many alternative methods to do it. You will surely find these methods simple and convenient, and you will also get aware of different solutions for charging your scooter. You will be able to cope with different emergency charging circumstances confidently.

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Why you might need to charge your Gotrax scooter without a charger

There are several reasons why you might need to charge your electric scooter without a charger, such as

  • Misplaced or Lost Charger.
  • Your gotrax scooter is not charging while using original charger.
  • Traveling or Commuting outlets are available.
  • Emergency Situations
  • Power Outages or Blackouts.
  • Environmental Considerations and using Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Experimenting with New Technologies like Kinetic Charging, Regenerative braking, etc.

Your rides will remain uninterrupted even in different situations once you read this guide. 

8 Simple Methods to Charge Gotrax Scooter without Charger

Method 1: Using a Universal Charger/ Replacement Charger

A universal charger is designed to work for different devices. You can also use it to charge your e-scooter when you don’t have the original charger. But be sure to check if its specifications meet your original charger or described in the product manual, as using the wrong charger may be unsafe.

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Method 2: Using Portable Charger or Power Bank

Power banks and portable chargers are a good choice as they are lightweight, and you can carry them while riding the scooter, so you can charge your e-scooter anywhere you want. You just have to connect your e-scooter and power bank with a charging cable (generally USB Cable). USB charging may take longer than usual due to low power output.

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Method 3: Charging scooter using a Computer/Laptop

You can easily charge Gotrax the e-scooter using a compatible USB cable if you have devices like a computer or laptop nearby where a USB cable can be inserted. You just need to connect your USB cable to your scooter and the power bank, computer, etc. Ensure a secure connection and insert the cable firmly to avoid interruptions.

Method 4: Charging Scooter using Car Battery

Use your car’s power or battery to charge your e-scooter using a USB cable. Cars generally have built-in charging port for electrical devices.

If you cannot find it in yours, you can still charge it using the car battery. But first, ensure the voltage and current compatibility. Then you can use a DC-DC converter to convert the car’s AC into DC. Then you can simply connect it to your e-scooter using a connecting cable.

Method 5: Using Solar Power or Wind Energy

Harness the energy of the Sun and wind into your scooter. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to charge your scooter. However, it may take longer than other methods, but its still worth learning. 

Simply connect your scooter to a solar panel or use a solar-powered charger to convert sunlight into electricity and charge your scooter’s battery. Similarly, for wind power, connect your charging cable to the battery and current source in the wind turbine.

|Please note that these methods require the current to be changed into AC, so will also need a converter for this purpose.

Charging e-scooter from Sun

Method 6: Using a Kinetic Charger/ Regenerative Braking

Kinetic chargers are modern-designed products that convert kinetic energy into electricity to power up the battery. They are also called regenerative charging systems. It is an innovative way to minimize power loss, granting longer distances before recharging.

 These devices can be attached to the wheels or pedals of a scooter. When brakes are applied, they capture the kinetic energy of the scooter during deceleration and convert it into current for charging.

Note that this method is safe and reliable as it charges the battery when not in use and is not heated as the scooter is not accelerating.

Method 7: Borrow a Charge

Borrowing the charger is a good and reliable option. Borrowing a compatible charger from your friend or relative near you is easy and ensures that your scooter won’t have to be tested by different options, which may harm your battery.

Method 8: Visiting a Service Center or Charging Station

If you find nothing useful, the last option is to go to a service center or a charging station nearby, but this process is time-consuming. These platforms will charge your scooters for a small amount of time and money

These alternative methods will help you charge your scooter in different emergencies.

Safety precautions when charging your scooter without a charger

Read the following safety guidelines and precautions when charging your gotrax scooter.

  • Always follow guidelines provided by the manufacturer and user manual.

  • Use compatible charging devices so you charge the battery without any safety risks.

  • Assure the quality of components used in the charging process, such as power banks, energy generators, and DC/AC converters.

  • Avoid overcharging for long periods. It damages battery health.

  • Monitor the charging process by keeping an eye as these untraditional methods may cause issues or accidents.

  • Do not charge your scooter in extreme temperatures, whether it’s too hot or too cold.

  • Charge in a well-ventilated area to dissipate heat energy from the area to avoid overheating.

  • Charge on inflammable surfaces such as concrete or sand to minimize fire hazards.

  • Keep charging ports covered to keep out moisture, dust, and debris.


While a charger is the most convenient, compatible, and efficient way to charge a scooter, these alternative solutions we provided can also be used to charge a scooter in different situations. And by following our safety guidelines, you won’t have to worry about any risks or accidents. In the end, we hope you understand how to charge the Gotrax scooter without charger.


  • How do you charge a battery without a charger?

    A battery can be charged without a charger with different methods such as solar charging, using laptops/computers and cars to charge. You can also charge using portable power banks, universal and kinetic chargers. Visiting the charging stations is also a way.

  • Can you charge an electric scooter with a different charger?

    You can charge your e-scooter with another charger as long as it is compatible with it and have the same voltage and current specifications as required by the scooter;’ specifications and manual. But using the original charger is better for the battery.

  • Can I ride my scooter without charging it fully?

    You can ride without fully charging the scooter battery because charging up upto 80% of its capacity is optimal. Fully charge if you are going for a long ride.

  • Do electric scooters self-charge?

    Electric scooters can self-charge by using regenerative brakings, kinetic chargers applied on their wheel and solar-powered portable chargers.

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