Gotrax Scooter not Charging: Common Causes and Fixes

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Welcome to this comprehensive guide on troubleshooting charging issues with your Gotrax scooter. As an e-scooter owner, you surely know how important it is to keep your battery charged to enjoy smooth rides.

However, if you are experiencing any issues during charging your Gotrax gxl v2 scooter or any other model, then don’t worry. We got why your scooter’s battery won’t charge. 

So sit tight and detect the issues with your gotrax scooter and understand its detailed but simple troubleshooting tips so you can get your scooter back on the road in no time.

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Common charging issues with Gotrax Scooter 

  • Damaged battery or end of its lifespan
  • The charger is not compatible, or it’s faulty
  • Loose or damaged charging port
  • Overheating during charging
  • Charging indicator light is not functioning
  • Software issues in e-scooter system
  • Battery Management System (BMS) failure
  • Physical damage to the battery
  • Extreme weather conditions

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Why Gotrax Scooter won’t Charge – Troubleshooting Issues

Below we have given comprehensive tips and solutions for charging issues of this scooter.

1. Error codes

Sometimes the scooter gives error codes on its display when it detects any issues. This can happen during charging too, if it detects charging issues. Check if yours gives one or not. If it does search online for the code or read the instructions given by the manufacturer in the user manual related to the error code.

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2. Checking the Power Source

Before diving into the scooter, start by checking the power outlet, as it can be the root cause while charging it. Check if the power outlet gives the right amount of voltage and current as the scooter requires by using an ammeter or a similar device.

You can quickly check if it works correctly by connecting any other electrical device and checking if it charges well. Using an ammeter is an option too.

3. Inspect the Charger:

  • Examine the Charging Cable

Look out for any visible damage or fray on the cable. It will cause charging issues, and power will not reach the scooter. It can also be damaged by moisture and heat, or it could have lived its life, in which case you must replace the charging cable with another one.

To check if the charging cable is working fine, use it with another device and analyze it.

  • Verify the Charging Adapter

The same could be the case with the charging adapter, which connects the cable to the power outlet. There can be two problems with it.

  1. Either its indicator light is not working. This isn’t an issue as the charging is working; it’s not only being signaled that it is in the process.
  2. Or the adapter itself is damagedor it has stopped working, requiring it to be replaced by a fine and similar charger.

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4. Examine the Battery:

  • Check the Battery Connection

A loose connection between the battery and the scooter can lead the Gotrax scooter battery to not charge. 

Tighten all the wire connections between the charging port of the scooter. Also, try replacing the wires with new ones, as sometimes the wires used to connect the scooter battery are damaged or expired.  

Make sure the battery is securely attached and seated correctly in its place. Also, try removing the battery and then reconnecting the battery.

  • Assess Battery Health

The primary cause of the problem may be the battery itself, so it is crucial to check for battery. Battery loses its capacity to store charge over time, and it can lose it even quickly if it was not adequately cared for or due to any other problems.

In this case, replace the battery with a new one.

5. Inspecting charging port

Some material generally covers the charging port of the scooter to protect it from moisture, dust, and other potential damage. If your scooter’s port is not covered, it will likely get damaged and lose its function over time. But it may also happen when it’s covered.

Charging Port of Gotrax Scooter

Observe any physical damage on the charging port which any accidental or careless event may cause. Read the user manual or replace the part if you find it damaged.

Remove any dirt and debris if found on the port. The dirt or debris may be the cause of the issue and affect the charging process. Clean the charging port.

6. Investigate Safety Features:

Many electric scooters, like this one, are equipped with safety features like temperature sensors and overcharge protection. However, these mechanisms can sometimes interrupt the charging process for no reason. 

Refer to user manuals and manufacturer’s instructions to understand how they work. If possible, you may have to disable them if they cause interruption for no reason. But be careful to ensure you are not damaging the battery by overcharging, extreme environmental temperatures or dirt, etc.

7. Avoid Extreme Environmental Temperatures

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can affect the charging process. If your electric scooter is not charging correctly, prefer charging it in a moderate and well-ventilated area and check if it works. 

Charging at a moderate temperature is optimal for charging and battery performance.

8. Scooter Software System Reset

Scooters like Gotrax have software systems. For battery protection, the Battery Management System or BMS shapes or stops the charging process in case of overcharging, overvoltage, etc. They can sometimes disrupt the charging process for no big deal or fail to work. So, in this case, you will have to perform a system reset on your scooter.

Use the user manual to reset the system. There is usually a reset button on the handlebar, or the power button can be held for a few seconds, or the battery can be reconnected after removing for factory reset.

If none of the above methods work, contact the company/manufacturer to seek help and professional guidance.

Troubleshooting: Gotrax Scooter battery not charging


We hope you know how to troubleshoot issues if your Gotrax scooter is not charging. We uncovered various tips and tricks to solve different charging issues by testing and troubleshooting chargers, batteries, systems, power outlets, etc.

After following this informative guide, you can charge and ride your scooter once again. We recommend taking good care of the scooter and its battery so it won’t cause any problems in the future. 

If possible, seek professional guidance from the company, too, as it can result in more understanding of your scooter. Happy scooting! 

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  • The Gotrax scooter charged but not working.

    The Gotrax scooter not working after being charged can be due to faulty parts of scooters, commonly failed batteries, or power not reaching the scooter due to faulty wires. If the scooter gives error codes, seek customer support or see solutions to error codes from official site.

  • Gotrax GXL v2 electric scooter not charging

    Gotrax GXL not charging includes common issues like battery issues, loose or frayed connected wires, incompatibility or expired charger, interruptions of battery safety features, etc. Read our guide above for details.

  • Why is my lithium battery not charging

    Lithium battery not charging usually includes issues like faulty battery, battery connections, charging port, charger, low voltage, and battery management software system interruptions.