GoTrax XR Ultra Not Working: Troubleshooting & Solutions

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Is your Gotrax XR Ultra e-scooter not working correctly and causing issues? Don’t worry! We are here to help you understand and address a wide range of problems that could be affecting your scooter’s performance.

We’ll start by demystifying common error codes and providing solutions for each, helping you diagnose and fix issues related to current flow, throttle problems, and motor phase. After that, we’ll delve into the basics with battery and power button checks. We’ll also guide you through inspecting the front wheel cable, cleaning damaged pins for improved electrical connections.

Additionally, we’ll address a common issue related to the thumb throttle and how it can impact your scooter’s acceleration. Lastly, we’ll provide detailed steps for identifying, and replacing defective battery sections.

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Interpreting Error Codes & Solving GoTrax XR Problems

Your GotRax XR Ultra might display error codes to indicate specific issues if it is not working. Understanding these codes can provide valuable insights into the problem. Let’s delve into some common error codes and how to address them:

Error Code 21E: Current Abnormal

This error suggests an issue with the current flow in your device, potentially in the exchange or return circuitry. To resolve this:

  • Inspect the connections related to the exchange or return components to ensure they are secure and properly seated.

  • Check the wiring and components for damage or wear that might be causing abnormal current flow.

Error Code 22E: Throttle Abnormal

Error code 22e points to a problem with the throttle system:

  • Open the back of the handlebar panel to access the throttle, electronic speed controller (ESC), and brake components.

  • Inspect the connections between the throttle, ESC, and brake to ensure they are properly connected and undamaged.

  • Look for signs of wear or defects in these components, as a malfunctioning throttle mechanism could be the cause.
How to fix error 21E & 22E on Gotrax Scooter

Error Code 23E: Motor Open Phase

Error 23e indicates that one of the phases in the motor circuit is open or disconnected:

  • To resolve this issue, you will likely need to replace the console or control unit responsible for managing the motor, as the problem generally resides within this hardware.

Error Code 24E: Motor Hall Abnormal

This error code suggests an issue with the Hall sensor system in the motor:

  • Similar to Error 23e, you’ll need to replace the console or control unit because the problem likely resides within this component.

  • Hall sensors are crucial for accurate motor control, and a malfunction can lead to abnormal motor behavior.

Error Code 25E: Brake Abnormal & Not Working

Error 25e relates to problems with the braking system:

  • Start by inspecting the brake handle. Check if a small switch inside the handle closes fully when you squeeze the brake lever. If not, this may be the source of the issue.

  • Open the panel for the speed controller and ensure that the connection between the brake handle and the controller is secure.

  • Make sure the brake cable is properly tightened and that the brake handle hasn’t been bent or damaged, possibly due to a crash.

  • If the issue persists, inspect all electrical connections and wires for any loose or damaged components.

Error Code 30E: Password Disconnect

Error 30e indicates a disconnection or problem related to the password system:

  • To resolve this, replace the console, as the error suggests a fundamental issue with the control unit.

  • Follow the proper procedures for entering and verifying any required passwords in the system to avoid this error in the future.

Battery and Power Button Check

Before diving into more complex troubleshooting, consider these basic checks:

Battery Status

  • Connect your scooter to the charger and ensure it’s properly plugged in. Allow it to charge for a few hours, even if the indicator light initially doesn’t show signs of life. A deeply discharged battery may take time to respond.

Power Button and Key

  • Double-check if you’re pressing the power button correctly. The scooters may require you to hold the button for a few seconds to turn on.

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Safety Features

GotRax XR Ultra scooters often come with safety features to prevent accidents:

  • Kickstand Sensor: Ensure that the kickstand is up, as the scooter won’t turn on if it’s down to prevent accidental activation while on the stand.

  • Brake Lever Sensor: Check that the brake lever is not engaged, as this is another safety feature to prevent starting when the brakes are applied.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps for Gotrax XR Ultra not Working

If the above checks and error code interpretations don’t resolve the issue, consider the following advanced troubleshooting steps:

A. Front Wheel Cable

Take off the plastics on the side of the front wheel and tighten the screws. The cable may have detached from the wheel.

B. Cleaning Damaged Pins

If you suspect issues with electrical connections, consider cleaning damaged pins:

  • Inspect the pin 5 connectors on both the battery pack and the handlebar connection for damage or corrosion.

  • Gently clean any affected pins with a clean cloth or cotton swab, or use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol for stubborn residue.

  • Ensure both pins are clean and free from debris or contaminants.

C. Adjusting Prongs on Pin 5

To improve the connection between the 5pin connector on the handlebars and the battery pack:

  • Use an awl or similar pointed tool to gently spread the prongs apart in the center of pin 5 on the handlebars. The goal is to achieve a snug fit when reassembling the parts.

XR Ultra not Working & Moving: Thumb Throttle Examination

If the accelerator (thumb throttle) seems to be the issue, inspect it carefully:

Disassemble the thumb throttle to investigate further.

Understanding the Throttle Controller

The throttle controller is the part of your electric scooter that you use to accelerate. It’s often a thumb lever or button that you push or twist to make the scooter go faster.

How the Hall Sensor Works

The hall sensor’s job is to tell the scooter’s brain (the controller) how much you want to speed up. It does this by sensing a magnet. When you push or twist the throttle, it moves this magnet closer or farther away from the hall sensor.

The Common Issue

Sometimes, especially if you’ve been using your scooter for a while or if there’s been a bump or jolt, this hall sensor can get bumped away from the magnet. When this happens, the scooter’s brain doesn’t get the right signal, and your scooter might not accelerate like it should.

Checking the Hall Sensor

Here’s how you can check if this is the problem and potentially fix it:

1. Open the Throttle

Find out how to open up your throttle controller. This might involve removing some screws or prying it open gently. You can usually find instructions or videos online for your specific scooter model.

2. Locate the Hall Sensor

Once you’ve got the controller open, look for the black hall sensor. It’s a small, black piece that’s sensitive to the magnet.

3. Check the Alignment

Make sure the hall sensor is properly aligned with the magnet. It should be close but not touching. If it’s too far away, carefully move it closer to the magnet.

4. Reassemble the Controller

After you’ve made sure the hall sensor and magnet are correctly aligned, put your throttle controller back together.

Why It Matters

Getting the hall sensor and magnet back in the right position is essential because it ensures that when you want to go faster, your scooter understands you correctly.

Resetting Your GotRax XR Ultra Scooter

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier and your Gotrax XR Ultra scooter still isn’t functioning correctly, a reset might be in order. Here’s how to perform a basic reset:

  • Ensure your scooter is powered off.
  • Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds.
  • After holding the button, release it and wait for a few moments.
  • Turn your scooter back on and see if the issues have been resolved.

Detailed instructions for this procedure can be found in the official user manual

GoTrax Ultra XR Ultra not Turning On: Battery & Battery Cells Inspection

If your scooter isn’t working due to battery issues:

Identify the Problem

The scooter doesn’t work, however, the front light may work. 

Tools Required

T30 screwdriver.

Disassembling the Scooter

  • Using the T30 screwdriver, remove the two screws on the top of the scooter near the battery compartment.
  • Carefully lift and remove the old battery.

Battery Details

The battery is a 25-volt, 5-amp unit. It consists of multiple sections, each with its own connections.

Inspect the Battery

Examine each section of the battery for damage or corrosion. Check for any broken or corroded connections, especially at the terminal points.

1. Identify Defective Sections

If your scooter isn’t working due to battery issues, some sections may be undercharged or malfunctioning. The BMS in electric scooters helps manage individual cell charging.

|We recommend reading: Gotrax Scooter not Charging: Common Causes and Fixes

2. Reconditioning the Battery (Optional)

If you’re comfortable with electronics, you can recondition the battery by identifying and replacing defective sections.

3. Replacing Defective Sections

Disconnect and remove the section with defective cells from the battery pack. Replace the faulty cells with new ones, matching voltage and capacity. Solder the new cells carefully to maintain proper polarity and connections.

4. Reassembling the Battery

Assemble the battery sections, aligning them properly. Secure the sections using screws (if applicable). Reconnect all terminals according to their original placement.

5. Testing the Reconditioned Battery

Use a charger compatible with the battery to charge it fully. Check the voltage across all sections to ensure they match. Reconnect the battery to the scooter, ensuring a secure fit.

6. Final Steps

Reattach the battery compartment cover and reinsert the screws, tightening them using the T30 screwdriver.

Battery and Console Replacement

As a last resort, you may need to replace the battery and the console:

  • Order a new battery and console compatible with your scooter model.
  • The battery is located in the tiller. You can get it out by disconnecting the handlebars.
  • Carefully disconnect and remove the damaged battery and console.
  • Install the new battery and console, ensuring proper connections and secure fittings.

With these replacements, your scooter should operate correctly again, providing reliable performance for another year.


In conclusion, we’ve covered a comprehensive range of troubleshooting solutions for your GotRax XR Ultra electric scooter. From deciphering error codes and addressing issues related to current flow, throttle problems, and motor phase, to essential checks for battery and power buttons.

We’ve also explored advanced troubleshooting steps, such as inspecting the front wheel cable, cleaning damaged pins, and adjusting prongs for optimal electrical connections. Additionally, we’ve delved into the thumb throttle and its impact on acceleration.

Finally, if your scooter isn’t turning on due to battery problems, we’ve provided a detailed guide on identifying, reconditioning, and replacing defective battery sections. As a last resort, we’ve discussed the process of replacing both the battery and the console.

With these insights and solutions, your GotRax XR Ultra will be back in action, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable ride for another year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is my GotRax XR Ultra scooter displaying error code 21e?

    Error code 21e typically indicates an issue with the current flow in your scooter. It’s often related to the exchange or return circuitry. To resolve it, ensure that all related connections are secure and check for any damaged wiring or components.

  • What should I do if my scooter’s throttle isn’t working correctly (error code 22e)?

    Error code 22e points to a problem with the throttle system. Access the throttle, electronic speed controller, and brake components, inspect their connections and look for signs of wear or defects. A malfunctioning throttle mechanism can often be the cause.

  • Why is my GotRax XR Ultra’s motor behaving abnormally (error code 24e)?

    Error code 24e suggests an issue with the Hall sensor system in the motor. Similar to error 23e, you may need to replace the console or control unit responsible for managing the motor, as the problem usually resides within this component.

  • My scooter is showing error code 30e related to a password disconnect. What should I do?

    Error code 30e indicates a disconnection or problem with the password system. To resolve it, replace the console, as this error points to a fundamental issue with the control unit. Follow proper procedures for entering and verifying passwords to avoid future errors.

  • How can I troubleshoot my GotRax XR Ultra scooter when it doesn’t turn on?

    If your scooter isn’t turning on, start by checking the battery status and power button. Ensure the charger is properly connected, and hold the power button as needed. If the issue persists, consider inspecting the battery, identifying defective sections, and reconditioning or replacing them.

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