9 Tips to Make Your Segway Ninebot Faster – Unlock the True Potential

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Segway Ninebot scooters are well-liked e-scooters known for being handy, and having cool features but company focuses more on range than speed. So you might be looking for the ways to make your segway ninebot faster. No worries! You’re at the right spot to learn different tricks and secrets to make your Segway speed up.

Whether you have Ninebot Max, ES1, ES2, ES4, X260, Mini Pro, G30 or any other Segway scooter, This detailed guide will show various tricks to unlock your Ninebot scooter’s acceleration and top speed. I will also tell you different ways to make your scooter go even faster than what the company says it can go.

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Understanding the Key Components

Before diving into the enhancements, it’s essential to understand the key components in this case and their roles.

  • The battery powers the motor.

  • The motor utilizes power for propulsion and imparts torque to the tires.

  • Control systems and firmware manage the scooter’s speed and responsiveness.

  • Tires determine the scooter’s path and their quality and condition influence speed.

  • Speed modes offer various speed options and limits for optimal battery life and scooter health.

  • Brakes reduce speed through friction or e-brakes when necessary.

  • The weight of the scooter and payload impacts the torque generated by the motor.

9 Tips to make Segway Ninebot Go Faster

Following are the tips to increase the speed of ninebot scooter while avoiding any replacement and custom modifying risks and accidents.

1- Making Scooter Lightweight

Making scooters lightweight is straightforward and considerably improves speed. Remove any additional components you don’t often use, such as phone mounts, decorative accessories, front or rear racks, fenders, auxiliary lighting, cup holders, kickstand, extra padding etc.

2- Manage Payload

Balance the load that you place on the scooter. Overloading the scooter with excessive weight, whether cargo or passengers, can strain its performance. Prioritize avoiding overloading and removing unnecessary items from the scooter before embarking on your ride.

3- Aligning Tires and Adjusting Pressure

Ensure your tires are aligned straight to optimize performance. Keeping the tire always inflated and pressurized with air reduces the friction of the tire with the surface, ultimately increasing speed. You can effortlessly gain 2-4mph speed just by inflating your low-pressured tires.

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4- Driving on Fastest Speed Mode

Segway Ninebot scooters have different speed modes. Choose the highest speed mode available when in a speed mood. It will provide maximum top speed and the fastest acceleration your scooter can produce. In the highest speed mode, the scooter can tackle steeper inclines with greater ease.

5- Inspecting Brakes

Ensure that the brake pads of your segway scooter do not make contact with the brake rotor (disc) or tire’s rim. Contact between the brake pad and rotor can result in friction, leading to power loss and reduced speed. Additionally, verify that the brake lever fully returns to its original position after braking.

6- Charging Battery Before Ride

Charge your ninebot scooter before riding. A fully charged battery provides better voltage than a nearly depleted battery. More voltage means the motor can provide more output power resulting in a faster ride.

7- Aerodynamic Riding

Aerodynamic riding optimize your posture for minimal air resistance. Do snug-fitting clothing and practice a streamlined stance, leaning slightly forward. This enables smoother airflow, reducing air resistance and enhancing your speed.

8- Tuning Motor and Cooling System

Tune the motor’s controller as desired. The controller controls the input entering the motor, so modifying it can increase speed. Ensure the motors and other scooter components have proper ventilation and cooling solutions. Clean out any dirt and debris, stopping airflow.

9- Turning Off Un-needed Electronics

Turning off unnecessary electronics allows the battery’s voltage to be solely directed to the motor, resulting in a noticeable speed increase.

Custom Modifications for Segway Ninebot Speed Boost

Following are the modifications and enhancements to make the Segway scooter faster beyond its limits and capabilities mentioned by the manufacturer.

1- Removing Speed Limiter

Turning off the Speed Limiter on Segway Ninebot will unlock the speed of your scooter and will make it go faster. However, these limits have been applied by the company for the rider’s safety, so be careful and check the laws and regulations before attempting.

2- Hub Motor Wind 

This technique includes optimizing the balance between torque and speed through rewiring and winding adjustments; the motor can deliver more power to the wheels.

This process should be done by experts due to its complexity and effects on the motor’s durability.

3- Sprockets Change

Certain Ninebot scooters use chain-driven wheels. Adjusting sprocket sizes customizes speed and acceleration trade-offs for tailored performance. Upgrading sprockets aligns with your desired acceleration-to-speed ratio can be rewarding.

4- Battery Upgrade

Upgrading the battery to a higher voltage battery increases overall performance and pushes the capabilities of the motor. Increasing the voltage to the point motor is compatible with definitely makes the scooter faster without any electrical risks.

5- Motor Upgrade

Upgrading the motor with a powerful alternative is the main factor that gives the scooter a speed boost. This modification aims to unlock the scooter’s inherent capacity for greater speed, leveraging the increased output of the upgraded motor.

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6-Frame Modification and Upgrade

Customizing your scooter’s frame, such as replacing it with a lighter one, can indeed enhance speed, but it often comes at the expense of stability and durability. Investing in a compatible streamlined frame or aerodynamic accessories can also be a wise choice, offering increased speed while maintaining safe and controlled rides. 

7- Advanced Cooling System

Implementing upgraded cooling systems, such as improved heat sinks or fans, can prevent motor overheating during extended high-speed rides.

8- Tires Upgrade

Switch to narrower, high-performance tires with low rolling resistance to increase speed and save power. Look for slick, smooth-surfaced tires with streamlined sidewalls for the best results.

9- Controller Adjustment

Adjustments to parameters such as acceleration, throttle response, and power delivery in the controller by a technical approach maximize the scooter’s speed without any replacement risks. To push the limits further, the controller can also be upgraded. 

Not Comfortable with Modifications? A Simple Solution

The simple solution without going through the hassle of modifications, is to upgrade your scooter to a better one.

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Legal and Ethical Considerations

Legal and ethical considerations are crucial, especially when considering custom modifications to increase your scooter’s speed.

  • Adhere to local laws and regulations.
  • Warranty implications may arise.
  • Prioritize safety and stability.
  • Consider pedestrian safety and noise levels.
  • Check insurance coverage.
  • Minimize environmental impact.
  • Practice responsible riding behaviours.
  • Be transparent when selling or trading.

Maintenance and Care to keep Performance Optimal

Following are the care tips to consider to keep your scooter’s performance and speed at max.

  • Maintain recommended battery charge levels.

  • Regularly check and maintain proper tire pressure.

  • Replace worn brake pads and ensure proper adjustments.

  • Keep the scooter clean to prevent wear and tear.

  • Apply lubrication to moving parts for reduced friction.

  • Store in a dry, sheltered area to prevent degradation.

Regularly applying lubricants like WD-40 to components like bearings, folding mechanisms, brake levers, and throttle mechanisms enhances responsiveness, prolongs part life, and improves the overall riding experience.

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By following the tips I have shared, you can make your segway ninebot faster and enjoy a faster and smoother ride. Remember, whether you choose to make simple adjustments or explore custom modifications, it’s essential to prioritize safety, adhere to local laws, and maintain responsible riding practices. Your Segway Ninebot scooter has the capacity to deliver an exhilarating experience, and with the right knowledge and care, you can unlock its true speed while ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable ride. So, go ahead, hit the road, and experience the thrill of your Segway scooter like never before!

Just remember one thing: balancing speed with stability and safety ensures thrilling rides while respecting boundaries. Happy Scooting!


  • How do I increase my Ninebot speed?

    You can make your Ninebot scooter faster by managing payload, streamlining the scooter, using high-performance tires, fully charging, and fine-tuning the motor’s controller.

    Custom modifications for this purpose include upgrading the battery, motor, frame, and winding hub motors. Please read our detailed guide on this topic above.

  • How to increase speed on Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30?

    Some simple tips to increase Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 fast are making the scooter lightweight and managing payload, charging and upgrading the battery, fine-tuning controls, using racing tyres and maintaining a streamlined posture. Please read our guide above; it provides details and insights on different ways you can adopt to make your NineBot scooter fast. 

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