6 Easy & Simple Segway NineBot F30 Speed Hacks to Try

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Are you realizing that your F30 scooter isn’t reaching its peak? Worry not, you are at the right place to discover the solutions. You can unleash the full potential of your Segway F30 electric scooter with these tried-and-tested speed hacks. 

From digital adjustments to mechanical modifications, we’re diving into a variety of methods to make your segway ninebot faster. Plus, we will also give additional tips to help you achieve an exhilarating and faster scooter experience. 

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Unlocking Greater Speed: 6 Simple Speed Hacks for Your F30 Electric Scooter

Follow these steps and you will find yourself zipping around on your Ninebot F30 with ease and speed.

1. Removing Speed Limiter using Apps

Some electric scooters can be modified using third-party apps like “Scooter Hacking Utility.” These apps connect to the scooter’s onboard computer via Bluetooth and allow users to adjust settings, including speed limits. However, these methods might be legally and technically complex. Here are the steps and considerations for removing speed limit on F30:-

Screen Display of Scooter Hacking Utitlity App

Step 1: Preparation: F30 is compatible with this app. Ensure the app is compatible with your scooter model and version if you are trying on other than F-series of Ninebot. Check local laws and warranty implications before proceeding.

Step 2: Connection: Pair your smartphone with the scooter via Bluetooth, following the app’s instructions.

Step 3: Adjusting Settings: Use the app’s interface to adjust speed limit settings. Be cautious not to increase speeds beyond safe and legal limits.

Considerations: Altering software settings can lead to safety issues, including braking and stability problems. Warranty might be voided, and you could face legal consequences if you violate local regulations.

2. Physically Removing Speed Limiters

This method involves altering hardware components within the scooter, which is more intricate and risky.

Step 1: Identification: Locate the wires or components responsible for enforcing speed limits. This might involve accessing the controller or transmission wires from the wheel RPM sensor.

Step 2: Cutting or Bypassing: Cut or bypass the wires responsible for transmitting speed limit signals. This might involve cutting the connection between the controller and the speed sensor.

Step 3: Testing: After the modification, thoroughly test the scooter in a controlled environment to ensure it operates safely and as intended.

Man removing the speed limiter manually on Electric scooter

Considerations: Physically tampering with components can lead to permanent damage, unsafe operation, and warranty voiding. It’s crucial to have technical expertise and fully understand the scooter’s wiring and components.

3. Flashing Main Firmware and Hard Resetting

Flashing the main firmware involves rewriting the scooter’s software to modify its behavior, potentially including speed limits.This method is used to remove speed limits.

Step 1: Research: Gather information on the firmware flashing process, ensuring you’re aware of the risks involved.

Step 2: Firmware Flashing: Use specialized tools or apps to rewrite the scooter’s firmware. Some apps offer this functionality.

Step 3: Hard Reset: Performing a hard reset on the scooter using the power/reset button may also serve as an alternative..

Considerations: Incorrect firmware flashing can lead to bricking the scooter, rendering it inoperable. This method requires advanced technical knowledge and should be approached with caution.

4. Winding Motor Hub:

Winding the motor hub involves modifying the internal components of the motor to optimize torque and speed balance.

Step 1: Expertise: This is a complex procedure that requires expert knowledge of motor mechanics and electronics.

Step 2: Rewinding: Open the motor hub and adjust the wiring to optimize the motor’s performance.

Step 3: Reassembly and Testing: Reassemble the motor hub and test the scooter’s performance. Incorrect rewinding can damage the motor or reduce its lifespan.

Considerations: Incorrect winding can lead to motor damage, reduced efficiency, and safety risks. This method is best left to professionals with expertise in motor modification.

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5. Upgrading Battery:

Installing a higher-capacity battery can potentially enhance the scooter’s speed and performance.

Step 1: Battery Compatibility: Research compatible higher-voltage batteries for your scooter model. Please ensure that the upgraded voltage is safe and compatible with the Segway Ninebot F30 scooter.

Step 2: Installation: Replace the existing battery with the upgraded one, ensuring proper connections and compatibility.

Step 3: Testing: Test the scooter’s performance with the new battery, keeping an eye on safety and temperature.

Considerations: Upgrading the battery might affect other components and balance. Make sure the scooter’s electrical system can handle the new battery’s power demands.

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6. Making Scooter’s Frame Lightweight

This is also a good option to make frame of the scooter lightweight by detaching any additional accessories and components, or replacing the frame with a lighter one.

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Bonus Tips to make Segway F30 Faster

These simple bonus tips are general guidelines to reach optimal speeds on your segway e-scooter.

1.Streamline Weight

Eliminate unnecessary add-ons to reduce your scooter’s weight, enhancing both speed and maneuverability.

2.Balance Payload

Maintain an optimal load to avoid strain and optimize performance, preventing overloading.

3.Tire Alignment

Properly align and inflate your tires to minimize friction and gain an additional 2-4mph speed.

4.Brake Inspection

Ensure brake pads don’t contact the rotor or tire rim, preventing friction and guaranteeing proper lever reset. Internal link with recent article showing how to fix wheel locking and resistance

5.Full Battery Charge

Begin with a fully charged battery for increased voltage, translating to heightened motor power and speed.

6.Aero Riding Position

Rider riding in aerodynamic position

Lean slightly forward and do aerodynamic attire to minimize air resistance, boosting your pace.

7.Motor Calibration

Fine-tune the motor controller and provide adequate component ventilation for optimal performance.

8.Eliminate Electronics

Deactivate surplus electronics to channel battery voltage exclusively to the motor, enhancing speed.

Video: “Tips to Make your Segway Ninebot Faster”


It’s time to give your Segway F30 a boost! Now you know how to hack the Segway NineBot F30 scooter’s speed to obtain the maximum from it. With these easy and simple speed hacks, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy an exhilarating scooter ride every time you take it out.

Along with the speed hacks, implementing the basic bonus tips and advises to increase speed will make a noticeable difference in the performance of the scooter.


  • How can I make my Segway Ninebot F30 faster?

    You can make your Segway F30 go faster easily by implementing various speed hacks like removing speed limiters, winding motor hub, upgrading battery and other methods we mentioned in the guide above. Along with these techniques, you can utilize various tips such as adjusting brakes, removing additional weight and accessories and maintaining streamline position to make the F30 go faster.

  • What is the speed limit on a Segway Ninebot F30?

    The maximum speed of the scooter mentioned by the manufacturer is upto 15.5mph. Depending on the region, it might have a speed limiter on it, reducing the top speed of the scooter.

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