How To Make GoTrax Scooter Faster ? (7 Tested Methods)

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Wondering how to push past speed limits of Gotrax scooter and make it faster? Look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into seven tested methods to make your Gotrax scooter faster. From risky control module modifications to preferred upgrades like a customized controller, bigger batteries, and revamped Battery Management Systems (BMS), each approach is explored. 

We’ll also touch on simpler modifications like tire changes and the essential art of releasing the throttle while downhill. Get ready to elevate your Gotrax experience with my helpful insights.

Can I Remove Gotrax Scooter Speed Limiter ?

Understanding Speed Limiter

Are you curious about potential tips and tricks to remove the speed limiter on your gotrax scooter? If so, you’re in for a treat because I have some valuable insights to share. Many Gotrax scooter owners often wonder if there’s a way to unlock more speed.

The Hard Truth

Unlike some scooters that might have more straightforward methods like pressing a button, cutting a wire, or flashing firmware, removing the speed limiter on a Gotrax scooter is a complex process.

In easy-to-understand terms, the speed limiter on Gotrax scooters is intricately linked to multiple components, including the controller, motor, battery, and the Battery Management System (BMS).

The Risky Way 

However, there are a few people who have suggested this technique to remove speed limit, which involves cutting the white wire which connects to the throttle.

speed limiter wire

Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws holding the throttle assembly together. Gently open the throttle assembly. Inside the throttle assembly, you should see a connector with three wires: red, black, and white. The white wire is the speed limiter wire. Disconnect it from the connector.

Note : This process is very risky as it is not confirmed to work in every scooter. Consult a technician before this step.

7 Methods To Make GoTrax Scooter Faster

1. Modifying Control Module (Risky)

To eliminate the speed limiter, follow these steps:

Locate the speed control module and carefully remove the cover. Identify the resistor lead, and clip it off. Take care not to touch other components inside to prevent damage. Replace the cover and test the scooter to ensure it reaches the desired speed.

If your Gotrax model lacks a speed limit wire:

Remove the controller/BMS. Open the casing to expose the PCB board. Identify 1 or 2 solder resistors on the power leads (shunts). Bypass the shunt by soldering a solid copper wire across the connection. Consider adding more solder to the output transistors side for increased power and torque.

2. Get a Bigger Customized Controller (Preferred)

Changing the controller is a preferred method, and here’s how:

Flashing custom firmware might not work due to the lack of an app. The speed limiter is programmed into the control board, affecting the scooter’s overall potential and mile range. Upgrading to a more advanced controller with customizable amperage, like a VESC (Vedder Electronic Speed Controller) or similar models, can increase speeds. 

Adding a second battery requires a controller upgrade, preferably to a 30-amp controller.

3. Buy a Bigger (Or Double) Batteries

For those aiming for more speed, consider the following:

Adding an extra stock battery compatible with your Gotrax model can potentially boost your scooter’s speed to nearly 18 mph. Switching to a 13S battery or even higher voltage may allow your Gotrax to surpass 23 mph. 

dual batteries for gotrax scooter

However, this extensive upgrade involves rewiring, motor upgrades, and the expertise of a technician. Upgrading the controller/BMS and batteries to 48 volts may also be considered for increased speed and torque, requiring a 52-volt brick charger and hardware swaps for the BMS and controller.

4. Swap the Battery Management System (BMS)

Upgrading the BMS can be effective:

Replacing the stock BMS with a larger, unlocked version eliminates speed restrictions by preventing overcharging, undercharging, and enforcing speed limitations. Upgrading these components can transform lower-powered Gotrax scooters, boosting speeds from 15 mph to a remarkable 20 mph, contingent on terrain and other variables.

5. Change the Tires

For a simpler modification to boost speed:

Switching from stock air-filled tires to solid tires can enhance speed. Upgrading to 10-inch tires for a slight increase in speed and more comfort is an option. Note that this modification may impact ride quality, as solid tires provide less shock absorption compared to air-filled ones.

6. Replacing Motor (Recommended When Upgrading Battery)

If you’re seeking even higher speeds:

Consider replacing the motor, especially when upgrading the battery, controller, and BMS. Choosing a motor compatible with increased power output and internal voltage is crucial for optimal performance.

7. Releasing Throttle & Turning Off Regen Braking When Downhilling

Turning off regenerative braking in Gotrax scooters can help increase top speed in some circumstances. But unfortunately, this step only applies when downhilling. First, turn off the regen braking from the settings or app, or remove it physically from the scooter. 

Then, from this point on, whenever you are downhilling, don’t engage the throttle. Just let the scooter be free and it will roll down the slope without any internal resistance. So, it can greatly help downhilling at very high speeds and also save energy.

Optimizing Speed Settings : Adjusting Speed Mode

Fine-tune your Gotrax scooter for improved speed by adjusting its speed mode settings. The scooter comes equipped with various speed modes that you can easily switch between to match your preferences.

To adjust speed mode in Gotrax GXL, and similar models:

a. Turn on your electric scooter.

b. Locate the red power button on the handlebars.

c. Press and hold the red power button for about 5 seconds.

d. The screen will blink, indicating the switched gear number.

In other models, there are generally dedicated buttons for changing gear. For example the G3 and G4 use + and  – buttons to change gears.

In very few models like Apex, the speed mode cannot be changed simply.

Additional Tips

To ensure an optimal riding experience with your scooter, follow these guidelines :

1. Battery Optimization

Make sure your scooter’s battery is fully charged before embarking on your journey. A well-charged battery enhances power output, facilitating smoother acceleration and reaching top speeds effortlessly.

2. Tire Maintenance:

Maintain proper tire inflation according to your scooter’s manual. Underinflated tires increase friction, hindering your scooter’s ability to attain higher speeds. 

For a reliable tire inflator, consider the Xiamoi 1S Tire Inflator designed for Gotrax scooters.

3. Reduce Load:

Travel with minimal additional weight to prevent slowing down. Heavy bags or items can impede your scooter’s speed, so lighten your load for more effective speed performance.

4. Choose Smooth Terrain:

Opt for smooth and level surfaces to achieve and sustain higher speeds. Rough or hilly terrains can hamper your scooter’s performance, so select your route carefully.

5. Regular Maintenance

Man doing electric scooter's maintenance

Perform routine maintenance on your scooter, ensuring cleanliness, lubrication of moving parts, and checking the brakes and wheels for optimal condition. A well-maintained scooter is more likely to perform at its peak.


  1. Can I remove the Gotrax scooter speed limiter?

    A: Removing the speed limiter is a complex process linked to the controller, motor, battery, and BMS. Cutting the white wire connected to the throttle, while suggested by some, is a risky method and not universally confirmed.

  2. How can I optimize speed settings on my Gotrax scooter?

    Fine-tune your scooter’s speed by adjusting its speed mode settings. Follow the scooter’s manual to switch between different speed modes according to your preferences.

  3. What is the significance of changing tires for speed enhancement?

    A: Switching from air-filled to solid tires can enhance speed. However, it’s important to note that this modification may impact ride quality, as solid tires provide less shock absorption.

  4. Is replacing the motor necessary for achieving higher speeds?

    While it’s optional when upgrading only the controller or changing it, upgrading the battery to higher volts may necessitate a motor upgrade for compatibility.

  5. How can I increase top speed when downhill with my Gotrax scooter?

    Turning off regenerative braking when downhill can increase top speed. Simply turn off regen braking from the settings or app, and let the scooter roll freely downhill without throttle engagement.


Enhancing your Gotrax scooter’s speed involves various methods, from modifying the control module and getting a bigger customized controller to buying bigger batteries, swapping the Battery Management System (BMS), changing tires, and even replacing the motor. Adjusting speed mode settings and following additional tips, like battery optimization and tire maintenance, can further optimize your riding experience.

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