GoTrax G3 vs G3 Plus: Review & Comparison

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In the world of electric scooters, the GoTrax G3 and G3 Plus stand out as formidable contenders. In this article, we’re going to compare the GoTrax G3 vs the G3 Plus electric scooters. We’ll dive into their specifications, build quality, performance, ride experience, and features, and tell the differences and similarities to help you make an informed decision. 

Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional rider, this comparison will guide you in choosing the scooter that suits your needs best. Let’s get started!

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A. GoTrax G3 vs G3 Plus : Key Specifications

SpecsG3G3 Plus
Motor Power300W300W
Top Speed15.5 mph18 mph
Max Range18 miles18 miles
Charge Time4-5 hrs4-5 hrs
Tire Size8.5” Air-Filled10” Air-Filled
Net Weight37.5 lbs34.5 lbs
Max Payload220220lbs

Overall score


  • Portability and Foldability: 9.2/10
  • Power: 8/10
  • Ride Comfort: 8.3/10
  • Features: 8.8/10
  • Build Quality and Construction: 8.3/10
  • Control & Handling: 8.7/10
  • Pricing: 9.3/10

G3 Plus

  • Portability and Foldability: 9.3/10
  • Power: 8.3/10
  • Ride Comfort: 8.6/10
  • Features: 8.6/10
  • Build Quality and Construction: 8.3/10
  • Control & Handling: 9/10
  • Pricing: 9.3/10

B. Build Quality & Design

1. Foot Deck

The GoTrax G3 features a spacious foot deck measuring 6.5 inches in width and 17 inches in length, providing ample space for a comfortable and stable riding experience.

The GoTrax G3 Plus’ deck is some inches more spacious than the G3.

2. Net Weight

The G3 weighs approximately 37.5 lbs while the G3 Plus weighs 34.5 lbs. The G3 Plus is slightly lighter than the G3, making it faster and easier to handle.

3. Build Material & Sturdiness

The build quality of the scooters is commendable, featuring a sturdy aluminum alloy A6061 frame. The G3 and G3 Plus both have sturdy builds. 

I observed that the G3 Plus’ stem wobbles a little bit.

4. Max Payload

These scooters can accommodate riders up to 220 lbs, offering versatility for various rider sizes.

5. Deck Surface

The padded bottom enhances stability and rider control.

6. Battery Placement

In both scooters, the battery is strategically placed within the deck, ensuring a well-balanced ride.

7. Charging Port

The charging port is conveniently located on the side/bottom of the deck on the front side, simplifying the charging process.

8. Durability

The G3 and G3 Plus are designed with sturdy frames and components that can withstand regular use, with an approximate lifespan of 2-3 years. The battery life-span is less than average scooters’ in this range. 

The G3 Plus is slightly more durable and water-resistant than the G3. However, I researched that the newly manufactured G3 scooters have better life-span than the G3 Plus.

9. Handlebars

The handlebars of the G3 are nearly similar to G3 Plus. Both have nearly identical bright LED screen, a brake lever on the left alongside a bell, a thumb throttle pre-installed with cruise control on the right, and easy grips. 

But the controls on the handlebars are changed. The G3 is controlled by three buttons (+, -, POWER) whereas the G3 Plus only has one control button.

10. Dimensions

Both scooters measure 42.3″ x 17.9″ x 47.4″, making it a compact and portable option. The folded dimensions are different. 

Folded Gotrax G3 Scooter

The G3 is more compact length-wise when folded. The G3 Plus increases in length when folded, but is more compact height-wise.

11. Tires

The G3 comes with 8.5-inch tires filled with air for a smooth and comfy ride. On the other hand, the G3 Plus boasts larger 10-inch pneumatic tires, also pumped up with air. They both offer excellent grip on different types of ground. 

Gotrax G3 front tire

The G3 Plus, with its bigger tires, delivers an even more comfortable ride and increased stability.

12. Build Design

The G3 has a more cool and sleeky design than the G3 Plus. It has block color, with white and orange contrasts. The G3 Plus on the other hand is light grey in color. The G3 has a better look than the G3 Plus.

Better Build – Which One?

In terms of build, the G3 Plus has a slight edge over the G3. It has bigger, better tires, less weight, and a more spacious foot deck. Both are not very durable as they are budget scooters, but the G3 has a more sturdy,strong build and beautiful design.

Video review of G3 Plus

C. Performance & Capabilities

1. Motor Power

The GoTrax G3 is equipped with a 300W motor, providing adequate power for acceleration and hill-climbing. It features a rear-wheel motor

On the contrary, the G3 Plus features a front-wheel motor but still provides 300W. The motor of the G3 Plus is more efficient than the G3, providing better torque and acceleration.

2. Battery and Charging

The G3 scooter comes with a 36V irremovable battery, offering a capacity of 7.8aH, resulting in a capacity of 280.8Wh. The range in ideal conditions is around 18 miles, with a charging time of approximately 4-5 hours. 

The G3 Plus comes with a 36V, 216Wh battery. It also takes 4-5 hrs to charge, but it charges slightly quicker than the G3 due to the smaller battery.

3. Range

Both the GoTrax G3 has a range of approximately 18 miles in ideal conditions

However, I have researched that the real-world range, considering a 160lbs payload, 1st gear, and optimal conditions, is around 13-15 miles for the G3 and 11-13 miles for the G3 Plus.

It’s important to note that the scooter’s range mainly relies on the first 3 battery bars displayed, with the fourth bar indicating significantly reduced range as the battery drains.

4. Top Speed

The G3 reaches a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, providing a smooth and consistent performance. The G3 Plus reaches top-speed of 18 mph. It is 2.5 mph faster than G3 at top speed. 

The G3 Plus is able to cross the G3 because it is lightweight, and has better motor efficiency.

5. Torque & Acceleration

Acceleration from 0-15mph takes about 8-9 seconds on the G3 and 6-7 seconds on the G3 Plus, depending on the rider’s weight. They offer impressive acceleration and sufficient torque for hill climbing and various terrains. 

The G3 Plus results in better acceleration mainly due to its lightweight, aerodynamic design, better speed controller and bigger wheels. But, I will be fair to tell that iit also results in its range being less than the G3 in real-world performance.

6. Braking

Both the GoTrax G3 and G3 Plus feature rear disc brakes and front electromagnetic brakes, which are claimed to be regenerative. I researched that the regenerative braking system in the e-brakes offers little to no regeneration on these scooters. 

The G3 has an advantage in terms of smoother braking, especially at its top speed of 15.5 mph. The scooter can stop from 15 mph in about 10-15 feet, providing adequate stopping power without locking the tires. 

The G3 Plus also has the same stopping power, but a higher top speed.

7. Hill Climbing

The G3 can navigate slopes of 7-10% with a 220lbs payload at speeds of 5-6mph, making it suitable for riders encountering hilly terrain. Its rear-wheel drive is better for hill climbing than the G3 Plus, but the G3 Plus is more powerful. 

The G3 Plus navigates slopes of about 7-10% at almost 12-14 mph with a 220lbs load. The G3 Plus can climb a 6% slope at top speed with less weight. So in terms of hill-climb, the G3 Plus is a clear winner.

Better Performance – Which One?

In terms of performance, you should consider your preferences. The G3 Plus performs better than the G3 when riding with power, especially on uneven and hilly terrains. But it has lower range than the G3 and less stopping distance being faster. 

D. Ride Quality, Comfort, & Experience

1. Kick Start

For the GoTrax G3, a kick start is needed to initiate movement, which is a common safety feature in electric scooters. It’s worth noting that the kick start on this model requires a bit more effort compared to some competitors, and the throttle needs to be pressed 2-3 times to activate the motor. 

The kick start isn’t much of a hassle on the G3 Plus like the G3.

2. Handling & Control

The handling of this scooter is smooth and stable, thanks to its spacious foot deck, stable foot surfaces, and pneumatic tires, which effectively absorb shocks and vibrations. It’s important to note that the G3 doesn’t have a suspension system but relies on pneumatic air-filled tires for shock absorption. 

The G3 Plus is much easier to handle and control, as it features front-wheel drive, bigger tires, and lightweight. It gives better shock absorption.

3. Suspension & Shock Absorption

The G3 Plus having bigger tires, provides superior ride comfort than the G3. It is easier to handle, have a single button, simple controls, and more spacious foot deck. The tires absorb small shocks and bumps of common road, but they are not suitable for off-roading, especially the G3. 

4. Cruise Control

The automatic cruise control feature on these scooters can be activated by holding the throttle for 8-10 seconds. It can be disengaged by pressing the throttle again or using the brake. 

According to personal experiences of riders, the cruise control system would be better if it was manually controlled because it isn’t always needed, and you need to press the brake lever to turn off cruise mode.

5. Off-Roading

While the G3 is not designed for intense off-roading, it can handle light off-road conditions to some extent, including uneven terrains and hills. However, caution is advised due to its small ground clearance and pneumatic tires. 

On the other hand, the G3 Plus is better suited for light off-roading without much worry. The larger tires provide better traction, and the front-wheel drive and reduced weight make it easier to handle on such terrain. 

However, it’s important to note that both of these scooters lack suspension, so don’t expect a very smooth ride on rough off-road paths, especially from the G3.

6. Throttle Control

The GoTrax G3 and G3 Plus employ a thumb throttle on the right handlebar, offering smooth and intuitive control. It’s worth mentioning that, based on personal experiences, the throttle on the G3 might feel a bit flimsy, although this isn’t a major concern.

Better Ride – Which One? 

When considering real-world ride comfort and quality, I recommend the G3 Plus over the G3. It has better shock absorption, handling, control and off-road capabilities.

Video review of G3

E. Features & Details

1. Quick Assembly

The GoTrax G3 is easily assembled by connecting the handlebars and the tiller with a folding latch using 4 screws. 

Whereas the G3 Plus having a different folding mechanism only needs the handlebars to be put in place and screwed using 6 screws. Both of these scooters are quickly assembled on arrival.

2. Portability & Folding

Designed with user-friendly portability and folding in mind, the G3 Plus is more lightweight and easy to fold, making it convenient for transportation and storage. The G3 scooter has a lever-lock near the handlebars to unlock it, and there’s a folding latch that connects with a buckle at the back wheel to fold it up. 

Similarly, the G3 Plus scooter uses a safety pin that needs to be untightened instead of a folding lever-lock. It also uses a latch that connects with the buckle. 

The G3 is more compact length-wise when folding, whereas the G3 Plus is more compact height-wise.

3. Drive/Speed Modes

These scooters come with two speed options, which are called L1 and L2. These settings let riders pick between a slower or faster ride based on what they like. 

For the G3 scooter, the first speed mode goes up to 9 mph, and the second one goes up to 15 mph, providing more power. The gears are changed by plus ‘+’ and minus ‘-’ buttons. Holding minus ‘-’ button activates Walk Mode (2-3mph)

On the other hand, the G3 Plus doesn’t have Walk mode feature. I also found out that the speed modes on the G3 Plus are only 3 mph apart, with speeds of 15 mph and 18 mph, changed through the single button. I think it would be better if there were more distinct speed options, or perhaps more than just two speed modes.

4. Digital Display

Gotrax G3 LED display

The scooters feature a user-friendly digital display on the handlebars, providing information on riding speed, distance, and battery status.

5. Adjustable Brakes

The G3 comes with adjustable brakes, allowing users to fine-tune their braking performance for optimal safety. Whereas the G3 Plus does not have adjustable brakes, according to my research.

6. Front Light & Brake Light

Equipped with front LED lights for night riding and a reactive tail light, these scooters enhance safety and visibility. The lights are easily activated for convenience. I noticed that the lights of the G3 Plus are brighter than the G3. 

The lights are activated by double-pressing the button on G3 Plus, and holding ‘+’ button on the G3.

7. Regenerative Braking

Some users personally testing the scooters reported the presence of regenerative braking, although its power is minimal.

8. Security & Anti-Theft Features

The G3 focuses on the security features, a built-in steel cable lock, and a digital lock with a passcode system. On the other hand, the G3 Plus does not have either of them. The G3 is more secure than the G3 Plus.

9. Battery Management

The scooters have a battery management system to prolong the lifespan of their lithium-ion battery.

10. Additional Accessories

These scooters comes equipped with a bell, alongside the brake lever on the left grip,  as an additional accessory.

11. Water Resistance

The G3 has an IPX4 water resistance rating, offering protection against very light splashes and light rain. Whereas the G3 Plus has an IPX5 water rating. If your journey includes water splashes or the area you cruise has rainy weather, the G3 Plus is definitely more helpful.

I researched that newly manufactured G3 scooters are more water-resistant than the G3 Plus.

12. Bluetooth Connectivity

The GoTrax G3 lacks Bluetooth or smartphone connectivity.

Better Features – Which One?

In terms of features, the G3 and the G3 Plus are nearly same. Both of these scooters offer compact folding, LED dashboard, Bell, and brake lights. While the G3 Plus is more easily portable and water-resistant, the G3 has better speed gears, adjustable brakes and security locks.

F. GoTrax G3 vs G3 Plus : Value for Money

Both the G3 and G3 Plus are priced around $400 which is indeed reasonable for their build, performance and ride. As there are some factors on which these scooters are different from others, both of them still make it worth for the price. 

Like the G3 is durable, sturdy, and has good range, and safety and security feature, living upto its price, the G3 Plus is more powerful, portable, and easy to handle.


Build: The GoTrax G3 Plus offers a slightly better build quality and components, but less sturdy than the G3.

Performance: When it comes to performance, the G3 Plus outshines the G3 with better motor efficiency, acceleration, and hill-climbing capabilities. But the G3 has more range.

Ride: For a smoother and more comfortable ride, the G3 Plus is the preferred option due to its larger tires, lightweight design, and better shock absorption.

Features: While both models share many features, the G3 stands out with adjustable brakes, better gears and enhanced security options.

Pricing: Both of these scooters are worthy for their low prices.

In conclusion to the GoTrax G3 vs G3 Plus, choose the GoTrax G3 Plus for performance and comfort, and opt for the G3 if you value additional features. Consider your specific needs and priorities when making your decision.

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