Gotrax Scooter Turns On But Won’t Move? [7 Solutions]

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Encountering a Gotrax scooter that turns on but refuses to move can be a perplexing situation. If you are one of those Gotrax owners who encounter this, then this is the right place for you to explore solutions to this problem. This comprehensive troubleshooting guide delves into common issues causing this specific problem. 

By following safety precautions, understanding error codes, and exploring practical solutions, you’ll be equipped to diagnose and resolve issues, ensuring your Gotrax scooter operates as intended.

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Safety & Precautions First

If your Gotrax scooter turns on but won’t move, consider the following precautions:

  • Reduce Load: Keep the load below the recommended limit to prevent strain on components.

  • Avoid Maximum Speed: Cruising at maximum speed can potentially damage components, necessitating replacement.

  • Terrain Considerations: Adhere to the recommended terrains outlined in the manual. Failure to ascend hills or gradients specified in the manual may lead to a decline in acceleration.

Error Codes & No Movement

Understanding error codes is crucial for troubleshooting. Common error codes (22E, 23E, E4, E5) directly indicate issues with the throttle, throttle connections, or the motor. Follow these steps:

Check Online Resources: Search online or on the official Gotrax website to interpret error codes.

Throttle and Motor Verification:

  • Open the dashboard and verify the throttle response using a multimeter.
  • Perform the same procedure for the motor.

7 Solutions To Gotrax Scooter Turned On But Not Moving

1. Confirm Proper Power On

Ensure that the scooter is turned on correctly. Sometimes, a simple reboot can resolve issues.

2. Troubleshooting Brake Sensor

Man inspecting brake sensors of gotrax scooter

Test the brake sensor to ensure proper function. A faulty sensor can signal to the console that the brakes are always engaged, preventing scooter movement. Use a multimeter to check for continuity in the wire connecting to the console.

3. Resolving Battery Problems

Ensure your Gotrax scooter’s battery is fully charged and securely connected. Consider these steps:

  • Verify a green light indicating a full charge.
  • Use a multimeter to measure post-charging battery voltage.
  • Address discrepancies in voltmeter readings, which may indicate deteriorating battery cells.
  • For battery replacement, refer to Gotrax’s guidelines.

4. Examining the Motor

a. Inspect the motor area for visible damage or loose connections.

b. Test the motor’s functionality; professional repair may be necessary if it’s not working correctly.

c. Address common motor-related issues such as overheating and burnt-out components.

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5. Check for Wheel Locks

If the scooter’s wheels are locked, consider these solutions:

  • Adjust brake levers and systems, ensuring the brake sensor functions correctly.
  • Reshape disc pads, realign the axle, replace worn-out bearings, and apply lubricants as necessary.

6. Verify Throttle Response

a. Test the throttle to ensure it responds correctly; clean it if sticky or unresponsive.

b. Inspect the controller for visible damage or loose wires. Check voltages across different connectors on the controller. Replace or repair as needed.

7. Reset the Scooter

Press the power button for 5 seconds to reset the scooter. Refer to Gotrax’s guidelines for more details.


  • How often should I perform maintenance on my Gotrax scooter?

    Regular maintenance is recommended every 3-6 months, including checking connections, cleaning components, and verifying battery health.

  • What could cause sudden loss of power while riding the scooter?

    Sudden power loss may result from issues such as a faulty battery, loose connections, or a malfunctioning motor. Refer to the troubleshooting guide for comprehensive solutions.

  • Is it normal for my Gotrax scooter to make a humming noise during operation?

    A slight humming noise is typical, attributed to the motor’s operation. However, any unusual or excessively loud noises should be investigated to prevent potential issues.

  • Can I replace the scooter’s battery myself, or should it be done by a professional?

    While replacing the battery is possible for some users, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation and safety.

  • What are the signs that indicate a worn-out throttle, and how can I address it?

    Signs of a worn-out throttle include unresponsiveness or stickiness. Cleaning the throttle and, if necessary, replacing it following the provided guidelines can resolve these issues.


Effectively addressing a Gotrax scooter that turns on but won’t move requires a systematic approach. By prioritizing safety, understanding error codes, and implementing practical solutions outlined in this guide, you can enhance your riding experience. 

From verifying throttle responses to checking for wheel locks, this comprehensive troubleshooting guide empowers you to resolve issues and ensure a seamless ride with your Gotrax scooter.