How to Reset Unagi Scooter? (Reset Button Location + Complete Guide)

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Electric scooters, particularly the Unagi model, have become an integral part of urban commuting. Inevitably, riders may encounter issues, making it vital to understand the intricacies of resetting their Unagi scooters. 

This guide delves beyond the basics, providing a detailed exploration of Unagi scooter resets. From deciphering the absence of a physical reset button to step-by-step instructions for both soft and hard resets, this guide empowers riders with profound insights to maintain their Unagi scooters for optimal performance.

Understanding Unagi Scooter Resets

Resetting your Unagi scooter is akin to giving it a fresh start. It involves restarting the scooter to address minor glitches or, in severe cases, restoring it to factory settings. This process is crucial for troubleshooting software-related issues, optimizing performance, and tailoring settings to individual preferences and riding conditions.

Prerequisites for Resetting Scooter

Resetting your Unagi scooter demands careful preparation for an effective reset process. Here are the key prerequisites, categorized for your convenience:

Gathering Necessary Tools:

Scooter’s Charger:

  • Keep the charger nearby for a stable power source.

Soft Cloth:

  • Use it for display and control panel cleaning.

User Manual:

  • Refer to it for specific model guidance.

Choosing a Suitable Environment:

Flat and Stable Surface:

  • Prevent toppling during the reset.

Good Lighting:

  • Ensure optimal visibility.

Dry Area:

  • Prevent complications from moisture.

Quiet Environment:

  • Aid in hearing important indicators.

Check the Scooter Battery:

Optimal Battery Condition:

  • Confirm before the reset.

Battery Indicator:

  • Observe the charge status.

Charge or Replace:

  • Charge if low, replace if necessary.

Turn Off Your Scooter:

Unplug When Turned Off:

  • For scooters not turning on while plugged in.

Power Button:

  • Press and hold until display and lights go off.

Adhering to these prerequisites ensures optimal conditions and safety throughout the Unagi scooter reset process.

Is There a Reset Button? Unagi Scooter Reset Button Location

Contrary to claims on various platforms, Unagi scooters do not feature a dedicated physical reset button. This design aligns with Unagi’s commitment to a minimalist aesthetic, emphasizing an intuitive user interface over unnecessary buttons.

Soft Reset

A soft reset serves as a swift troubleshooting step, similar to restarting a computer. It effectively clears temporary files and cached data, resolving minor glitches or malfunctions without compromising stored data.

How to Perform a Soft Reset

Ensure that your smartphone’s Bluetooth is enabled and properly connected to the Unagi scooter. This enhances the effectiveness of the soft reset by syncing essential data and settings.

Hard Reset

A hard reset is a more drastic measure, akin to restoring the Unagi scooter to its factory settings. This erases all data and configurations, making it a last resort for addressing significant issues or preparing the scooter for resale.

Can You Hard Reset Unagi Scooter?

As the Unagi scooter do not have dedicated reset button, hard reset is not officially claimed by actual users. However here are some steps which might be worth trying for your Unagi scooter.

Consider consulting online forums or user communities for your specific Unagi model. Fellow riders may share unconventional yet effective hard reset methods based on their experiences.  

Steps To Try

1. Holding Power Button

Try holding power button for 5-10 seconds.

2. Pressing Brake, Throttle, and Power at the Same Time

Pressing and holding throttle, power button and brake simultaneously might initiate a reset process in your Unagi scooter.

3. Handlebar Connection Reset

Disconnect and reconnect the handlebars from the stem. It might reset the dashboard.

4. Reset Odometer Mode

Odometer can be reset and adjusted by holding both the horn and ride mode buttons for 2 seconds.

5. Power Off and Battery Reconnection

Power Off and Disconnect the battery. Reconnect battery after 5-10 seconds.

If your Unagi scooter supports custom firmware, explore advanced reset options provided by the community. These options might offer additional benefits or features not present in the official reset procedures.

Solutions for Problems Encountered During the Reset

1. Software Freezing or Unresponsiveness

Explore third-party scooter management apps that might offer additional features or diagnostic tools for identifying and resolving software-related issues.

2. Physical Button Malfunction & Error Codes

Familiarize yourself with the Unagi scooter’s error codes. These codes, often indicated through LED patterns, can provide valuable insights into the nature of the malfunction, aiding in a quicker resolution.

3. Lack of Understanding of Reset Process

Join Unagi scooter enthusiast groups on social media platforms. Engaging with experienced riders can provide valuable tips and tricks for navigating common reset-related challenges.

Benefits of Resetting Unagi Scooter

Performing a reset isn’t just about troubleshooting; it’s an opportunity to elevate your Unagi scooter’s overall performance:

1. Fix Software Glitches

Embrace firmware updates provided by Unagi, as these often include bug fixes and performance enhancements for a smoother riding experience.

2. Optimize Battery Management Systems 

Resetting your Unagi scooter provides a notable benefit by optimizing the speed mode functionality. Over time, usage patterns and software updates may lead to inconsistencies in speed settings.

3. Improve Responsiveness

Performing a reset on your Unagi scooter eliminates glitches and recalibrates internal systems, ensuring swift and precise responsiveness to user commands. This contributes to a smoother and safer riding experience by reducing lag and delays in scooter performance.

4. Customize Settings

Explore advanced customization options available in the Unagi app, allowing you to fine-tune your scooter’s behavior to match your unique riding style.

5. Enhanced Battery Life

Over time, batteries can develop inefficiencies or discrepancies in charge and discharge cycles. By resetting the scooter, you recalibrate the battery management system, ensuring a more accurate display of battery levels and, ultimately, extending the battery’s lifespan.

6. Improved Safety Features Activation:

Safety features, such as automatic braking systems and speed limiters, rely on accurate sensor data and calibration. A scooter reset ensures that these safety mechanisms function optimally. 

Contact Unagi Customer Support for further assistance.


  • Can I perform a reset if my Unagi scooter is under warranty?

    Yes, performing a reset on your Unagi scooter, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, is generally within the scope of routine maintenance and should not void the warranty.

  • Are there community forums where I can seek advice for specific Unagi scooter models?

    Yes, online forums and social media groups dedicated to Unagi scooters are excellent resources for seeking advice and sharing experiences with fellow riders

unagi scooter maintenance guide


In mastering the art of Unagi scooter resets, riders gain not only troubleshooting skills but also the ability to unlock the full potential of their electric companions. From the absence of a physical reset button to the detailed steps for soft and hard resets, this guide provides riders with a comprehensive toolkit. 

Beyond immediate problem-solving, regular resets contribute to extended battery life, improved safety features, and overall scooter longevity. Navigating the electric scooter landscape becomes more than a commute; it’s a journey of customization, optimization, and a commitment to a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable ride. 

Embrace the power of resets, and let your Unagi scooter be your reliable partner on every urban adventure.

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