How To Charge Razor Scooter Without Charger – 5 DIY Methods

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Razor scooters are popular electric scooters known for their reliability and performance. Understanding the chargers compatible with these scooters is essential for maintaining their functionality. 

In this article, we’ll explore the various chargers used by Razor scooters, how to buy replacement chargers, and alternative DIY methods for charging when the conventional charger is not available.

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Types of Razor Scooter Chargers

Razor scooters typically use 3-prong chargers with either 24V or 36V output for most E series and C series models. These chargers come with a separate charging brick. However, some lower-end models, such as the Core 90, may use a 12V 1-prong charger without a charging brick.

Buying a Replacement Charger

Fortunately, replacement chargers for Razor scooters are readily available. When purchasing a replacement, ensure that it matches the voltage and prong configuration specified for your scooter model. This information is usually found in the scooter’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

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Charging Razor Scooter Without Using Conventional Charger

Below I will put forward some DIY methods to charge your Raazor Scooter when the charger is not in your hand.

A. Disconnect and Charge Your Razor Scooter Battery

Maintaining and charging your Razor scooter battery is crucial for a seamless riding experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the process of disconnecting the battery and various alternative charging methods when the conventional charger is not available.

Disconnecting the Battery

Disconnecting the battery in Razor scooters is a straightforward process that can be done with minimal tools.

Follow these steps:

Unscrew the Deckboard:

  • Locate the deckboard on your Razor scooter and unscrew the four screws holding it in place.

Disconnect Terminals:

  • Once the deckboard is removed, locate the battery. Disconnect the positive and negative terminals from both the controller and charging port.

Remove the Battery:

  • Gently remove the battery from its compartment.

1. Charging with a Variable Power Supply

If you find yourself without the original charger, a variable power supply can be used to charge the Razor scooter battery. Follow these steps:

Connect to Battery:

  • Connect the variable power supply to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
  • Connect the live wire to the negative terminal and the neutral wire to the positive terminal. Alternatively, in case of polarity note that positive connects to positive and negative to negative.

Adjust Voltage and Current:

  • Set the voltage according to your scooter’s specifications.
  • Adjust the current to 10-15% of the battery’s ampere-hour rating (e.g., for a 7Ah battery, set the current to 1Ah).

Charging Time:

  • Charging typically takes 6 to 12 hours, depending on the scooter model.
  • Once charged, reconnect the battery to the scooter.

2. Charging with Car Battery Jumper

Similarly, a car battery can be employed for charging your Razor scooter battery. Follow these steps:

Activate the Jumper:

  • Turn on your car jumper, initiating the current flow to the battery cells.

Monitor Temperature:

  • Charge the battery for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Check the battery temperature; if it becomes too hot, it is likely more than half charged. Avoid overheating.

Turn your jumper on, and the current will start to fill the cells of the battery. Keep the battery on charge for about 20 minutes, and check the temperature of your battery. If the battery is hot, then it is most likely more than half charged. That said, don’t let the battery get too hot because overheating is a possibility.

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B. Directly Charging by Connecting to Charging Port

Charging your Razor scooter directly using the charging port becomes essential when the original charger is unavailable. In this guide, we’ll delve into three alternative methods for direct charging, ensuring you can keep your scooter powered up and ready to ride.

1. By Using Any Charger & Connecting Cable

When the standard charger is not at hand, you can use any charger with the correct voltage for your Razor scooter (either 24V or 36V, depending on the model). Follow these steps:

Cutting the Connecting Cable:

  • Use a knife or similar tools to carefully cut the connecting cable from the charger.

Identifying Wires:

  • Examine the cut cable, identifying the three independent sets of wires: neutral, live, and possibly an earth wire.

Connecting to Charging Port:

  • Connect the live wire to the right-side pin on the charging port, which typically has three pins.
  • Connect the neutral wire to the left-side pin on the charging port.
  • The upper pin can be left untouched, as it serves as a dummy pin. No connecting wire is needed for this pin; focus on the live and neutral wires.

2. Using Power Bank/Solar Charger & Connecting Cable

Similarly, a portable charger or solar charger can be employed for direct charging. Follow these steps:

Choosing a Suitable Charger:

  • Select a portable charger or solar charger with the appropriate voltage (24V or 36V) for your Razor scooter.

Connecting Cable:

  • Use a compatible connecting cable to link the charger to the scooter’s charging port.

Charging Process:

  • Initiate the charging process, allowing the power bank or solar charger to replenish the scooter’s battery.
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3. Using Laptop/Car Charger to Charge

If you find yourself away from conventional charging outlets, a laptop or car charger can serve as an alternative power source. Follow these steps:

USB Cable Connection:

  • Connect a USB cable to your laptop or car charger, ensuring the cable’s compatibility with the scooter’s voltage requirements.

Correct Pin Connection:

  • Similar to the previous methods, identify the live and neutral wires on the USB cable and connect them to the appropriate pins on the charging port.

Voltage Sufficiency:

  • Recognize that USB cable charging typically provides 15-20V, which is sufficient for Razor scooters. This method is particularly convenient if you plan to ride with your laptop.

Learn How to Charge By Connecting Live/Neutral Wire Directly to Charging Pins


  1. Can I use any charger to charge my Razor scooter without the original charger?

    Yes, you can use any charger with the correct voltage (24V or 36V) for your Razor scooter as an alternative charging method.

  2. What is a variable power supply, and how do I use it to charge my Razor scooter battery?

    A variable power supply allows you to adjust voltage and current. Connect it to the battery, set the voltage as per your scooter’s specifications, and adjust the current to 10-15% of the battery’s ampere-hour rating.

  3. Can I charge my Razor scooter using a car battery jumper?

    Yes, turn on the car jumper to initiate the current flow to the battery cells. Charge for about 20 minutes, monitoring the battery temperature to avoid overheating.

  4. How do I charge my Razor scooter directly using the charging port without the original charger?

    Cut the connecting cable from any charger, identify the live and neutral wires, and connect them to the corresponding pins on the charging port. Alternatively, you can use a power bank, solar charger, or a laptop/car charger for direct charging.


In conclusion, maintaining the charge of your Razor scooter is essential for uninterrupted riding enjoyment. 

Whether using the original charger, opting for replacement chargers, or employing innovative DIY methods, such as disconnecting and charging the battery or utilizing alternative power sources like variable power supplies, laptop charger, there are various solutions to charge your razor scooter without the standard charger.

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