How To Make Hiboy S2 Faster [5 Steps]

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Unlock the untapped speed potential of your Hiboy S2 electric scooter and make it faster with these custom modifications designed for thrill-seekers. Discover the secrets to make your Hiboy Scooter faster with a tailored approach to enhancements. i

With these, I will also deliver some helpful tips, and the knowledge of the working and switching of speed modes in these scooters (Hiboy S2, Hiboy S2 Max, and Hiboy S2 Pro), so you can get the most out of them.

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Custom Modifications for Hiboy S2 Speed Boost

Note: Any modification included in the article, though put forward after researching, is not guaranteed to be 100% safe, so it might shorten life-span of the scooter and frame. Seek help of technicians while modifying. 

1. Removing Speed Limiter

  1. Physically Removing Speed Limiter

There is not any physical wire for limiting speed. The controller limits the speed, as there is a significant power output drop right after reaching speed limit on the controller.

The controller is also not very easy to flash or replace with a custom controller.

BUT, you can still make it using Xiaomi custom speed limit controllers from the market or online. Fortunately, I have researched that many riders are now enjoying high speeds by replacing the whole kit of wires (light, motor, battery, brake, throttle wires) with these controllers. 

However, you will need some technician skills in the process and the whole bunch of wires will also be replaced alongside controllers for compatibility. Hiboy S2 series is just not easy to customize.

  1. Removing Speed Limit by App

Removing/configuring the speed limit using reputable apps like Scooter hacking utility is still not confirmed by a significant number of riders to be worked perfectly. You can still try it first before going through physical removal.

2. Battery Upgrade

Upgrading the battery will be once after you have swapped the controller, or removed speed limit. 

Because, the power drop will be no longer effective, and the motor will be able to catch more power. You can possibly higher the output voltage, output current and output power by upgrading the battery.

The controller is rated for 18Ah, so you can get the energy output near this value.

But be careful not to overkill the motor. The motor is highly unstable when it is overloaded, so after a lot of research I personally think that BOTH these upgrades will go overkill if the motor also is not upgraded. Either removing speed limit, or upgrading battery is enough. 

3. Motor Upgrade

After going through the hassle of replacing battery and controller and unlocking speed limit, replacing the motor is pretty simple and straight forward. You just need a motor which has more power input and output, and replace it with the existing motor.

One way to do this is to buy the wheel with motor of the superior version of Hiboy S-series (e.g you can buy S2 Pro motor for S2).

Alternatively, you can just buy another motor, alongside with the original, and attach it to the other wheel. This will give the scooter a two-wheel drive, so battery upgrade will be necessary.

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I have embedded a video showcasing replacement of the motor:

Guide on replacing the motor

4. Replace Air Tires with Solid Tires

Replacing air tires with solid tires on a Hiboy S2 electric scooter, particularly effective on the S2 Max, can potentially impact its speed in several ways, although the primary influence might not be a direct increase in top speed. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Reduced Rolling Resistance
  • Consistent Performance
  • Enhanced Stability
  • Maintenance Convenience
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Note that it will drastically reduce ride quality, comfort and shock absorption.

5. Controller Adjustment

Simply put, just like I told in the speed limiter section, adjusting the controller of this scooter is not a child play. Even if you adjust the controller to let the energy go off, the motor will just start acting weird, not because of high energy being transmitted to it, but because the controller also regulates the energy going to the motor. 

So, anyway, the controller is necessary to be in pure form so the motor can work correctly. 

OR just replace the controller simply as I told above in the Remove Speed Limit section. (See above).

Optimizing Speed : Selecting Highest Speed Mode

Man carrying Hiboy s2 scooter

The speed modes can be changed by double-pressing the control button.

The Hiboy S2 and S2 Pro scooters have 2 speed modes : Comfort & Sports. 

The ‘S’ symbol on the screen in Green indicates comfort mode and in Red indicates sports mode.

The Hiboy S2 Max has three speed modes. Eco, Drive and Sports, indicated by ‘E’,  ‘D’ , ‘S’ on the screen respectively.

Always select sports mode to reach the peak of the speed of the scooter.

Simple But Helpful Tips to Make Hiboy Scooter Faster

1. Manage Payload

Avoid exceeding the recommended weight limit specified by the manufacturer. Distribute the weight evenly and strategically on the scooter to maintain balance.

2. Aligning Tires and Adjusting Pressure

Ensure that the tires are aligned correctly, minimizing unnecessary friction that can impede speed. Additionally, maintaining the recommended tire pressure not only extends tire life but also ensures smoother and faster rides.

3. Inspecting Brakes

A well-maintained braking system contributes to the overall speed and safety of your Hiboy S2. Regularly inspect the brake components, including brake pads and discs. Adjust or replace them as needed to ensure optimal braking efficiency.

4. Charging Battery Before Ride

An adequately charged battery is essential for maximizing the speed and range of your electric scooter. Charge the battery fully before each ride to unleash the scooter’s full potential.

5. Aerodynamic Riding

Tuck in your elbows, keep your body low, and reduce any unnecessary movements that may disrupt the scooter’s aerodynamic flow. This simple adjustment can lead to noticeable improvements in speed.

6. Tuning Motor and Cooling System

Regularly tune and maintain the scooter’s motor to optimize its performance. Additionally, keep the cooling system in good condition to prevent overheating, which can negatively impact speed.

7. Turning Off Un-needed Electronics

Minimize power consumption by turning off unnecessary electronics when not in use. If your Hiboy S2 has features like lights, or other electronic accessories, switch them off when they’re not needed.

Note: This step son’t be much effective as bluetooth connection and internet/cellular data is needed to ride the scooter.


1. How risky is it to physically remove the speed limiter on my Hiboy S2?

Removing the speed limiter involves complex modifications and might impact the scooter’s lifespan. Seek help from technicians, and consider alternatives like using custom speed limit controllers.

2. Can I upgrade the battery without replacing the speed limiter on my Hiboy S2?

While upgrading the battery enhances power output, it’s recommended to remove the speed limiter first for optimal results. Ensure the motor is compatible and won’t be overloaded.

3. Is upgrading the motor on my Hiboy S2 complicated?

Upgrading the motor involves straightforward steps, like buying a superior version’s motor or adding a second motor for two-wheel drive. Refer to a guide or video for a smooth replacement process.

4. What impact does replacing air tires with solid tires have on speed?

While it may not directly increase top speed, replacing air tires with solid ones reduces rolling resistance, offers consistent performance, and enhances stability. Consider the trade-off in ride quality.

5. How do I optimize speed modes on my Hiboy S2?

Double-press the control button to switch between comfort and sports modes. For Hiboy S2 Max, choose among Eco, Drive, and Sports modes. Always select sports mode for maximum speed.


In conclusion, transforming your Hiboy S2 into a speed powerhouse requires a delicate balance between customization and caution. From dismantling speed limiters to upgrading essential components, these modifications offer a thrilling glimpse into the world of electric scooter enhancements. 

Always consult with professionals during the modification process to ensure safety. While seeking speed, remember the importance of maintaining overall scooter integrity. With the right blend of expertise and enthusiasm, you can elevate your Hiboy S2’s performance.

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